Eekdancer Parade…


Koopa Troopa
I am going to be doing this frequuently, now. I will post an Eekdancer and you will guess who or what that Eekdancer is making fun of.


Who is it?


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
It's either some kind of shell, or a robot. I can't tell.


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I\m not very into music. I will never make a correct guess. (What about writing a music section at your user page, giving us some clues lol)

Edit: Devo. Checked URL.
Who's DEVO? (I know less about music than anyone).....


Koopa Troopa
ultimatetoad said:
Master Cheif?
Bwahaha! Noone will ever guess! I'll give you a hint: think about the cartoon that my avatar is based on.
You'r avatar's based on a cartoon? (awesome pic, by the way


Koopa Troopa
The B**** S**** part!

Not it's not a cuss, count the asterisks.