Eekdancer Parade…


Koopa Troopa
I am going to be doing this frequuently, now. I will post an Eekdancer and you will guess who or what that Eekdancer is making fun of.



Who is it?
It's either some kind of shell, or a robot. I can't tell.
I\m not very into music. I will never make a correct guess. (What about writing a music section at your user page, giving us some clues lol)

Edit: Devo. Checked URL.
Who's DEVO? (I know less about music than anyone).....
ultimatetoad said:
Master Cheif?

Bwahaha! Noone will ever guess! I'll give you a hint: think about the cartoon that my avatar is based on.
You'r avatar's based on a cartoon? (awesome pic, by the way
The B**** S**** part!

Not it's not a cuss, count the asterisks.