Petey's Revenge


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
In this game I will choose three people to help Petey Piranha get his revenge on Mario. All you have to do is pick a common villian of Mario's
and exact your revenge on him.

So, anyone?

By the way, I will be playing Petey Piranha.

But that doesn't mean I will need only two other people.
It might be a good idea, there're, what, three or four RP threads in this section? I guess if there was a section specifically for it there would be more interest generated...I dunno.
Wayoshi said:

There only should be one RPG game on the forum.

That's kinda strict, don't you think? :cry: Plz?
What if Luigi took revenge on Mario for taking all of his spotlight? I'm sure that would surprise pretty everyone. Or not, since I spoiled it lol :roll:
Yes, all there is is spam, spam, spam! Spam and Mario, Spam and more spam, spam and blatent Monty Python references!