Who do you think is the real hero of the Super Mario Sereis and why


I think Yoshi is because of these reasons:

1: He saved Mario & Luigi in Yoshi's Island
2: He saved Mario, Luigi, and Wario in SM64 DS
3: In Yoshi's Island DS he even saved most every main charecter!

So without Yoshi, most charecters wouldn't even be around now, Thats why I think Yoshi is the hero of the sereis, What do you think?

I am Yoshi's biggest fan, all who try to take that title from me will ultimately PHAIL!!! :yoshi: :yoshi: :yoshi: :yoshi:
:posh: is DEFINITELY the real hero because :posh: is a hero and :posh: is :posh: . But in seriousness, I can see :yoshi: .

And on a related subject, I once made a fan game where a Paratroopa tried to save Mario's life from a :lakitu: and phailed epically in doing so.
:peach: I say Peach she sexy white woman. In my country, white woman quite a prize indeed. :peach: