Have you ever met shigeru miyamoto?

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Cause I have. I meet him in Japan, my birthprace. As secret agent and detective, I sorve many case for Miyamoto-san. At 2006 E3 convention, fat vire bad man hold Mr. Miyamoto up @ gun pt. So I rush in with my dagger and kill bad guy and make it rook rike it was suicide. (I exprain to Mr. Miyamoto that it was internationar E3 conventon and we best not report this, we didn't want to cause an internationar incident). Then we discover this entire chaos due to the Super Maio Galaxy demo it been storen!!! THEY STORE IT! VIRE THIEVES!!! Some one saw me warking dow convention and ask man who i was. He say that Mr. Moto. Not much known about this man of mystery, very rittre known him say. "But wherever he go, mystery, danger, and excitement go." I busted in room and find crooks and shoot them. I recover demo and Miyamoto-san thank me. "Ya soi tin hatchisu, Mr. Moto!" Arr in days work. Now Mario Galaxy demo recovered and arr the happy kids can pray it. And now my rate ancestors can rook down on me w/o shame.
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Not everyone meet Mr. Miyamoto?
Mr. Moto said:
Not everyone meet Mr. Miyamoto?

i met him once he was mah buddie but then some guy shot me because he gave me the super mario galaxy demo for safe keeping so know he thinks im a thief