Cranky Kong: Is he the first Donkey Kong?

Dear Mariowiki

I'm new here and am hoping to be a good supportive member of the Mariowiki community. However, I wanted to ask about Cranky Kong's relationship to Donkey Kong. :dk:

The intro to Cranky Kong's article calls him Donkey Kong's father. Later, the article specualtes on his identity, on whether he is the first Donkey Kong, the father of the current Donkey Kong, or the grandfather of the current Donkey Kong. Does Mariowiki have an "official" stance on this? I ask this because I want to add to the Donkey Kong related pages but do not want to throw a "Monkey Wrench" ;) into the Wiki. Settling Cranky Kong's identity would be useful to making a Kong family tree.

He and Wrinkly would be Diddy's grandparents. Donkey Kong Jr. would be the current Donkey Kong as a boy--which combined with Baby Donkey Kong would show him growing up from babyhood. Cranky Kong would thus have to have a second son to allow for Diddy's existence.

Beloved, I hew to the idea expressed in Cranky Kong's intro and that any confusions can be resolved. (In a Mario Tennis game, I recall that Donkey Kong plays with Donkey Kong Junior. In the days before Nintendo embraced the idea of two Donkey Kongs and held that there was only ever one Donkey Kong, this made sense, father and son have a tennis match. Now... Donkey Kong and his younger self have a tennis match? It is not impossible, we've seen Mario and Baby Mario interact in various games with Partners in Time explaining it by means of time travel. :mario:) However, I want to know what, if any, is Mariowiki's official stance on this matter because I want to build this website up, not destroy it.

Thank you and have a nice day. :)