Rin's random MMD screenshot dump (NOT TAKING REQUESTS)

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So when I get back on my computer I'm going to start back on MMD and put the models in random positions for the heck of it.

Then I'll screen cap it and show you guys and maybe make a GIF if I can find a good site for that (Suggestions would be nice.).

But don't expect updates too often because I'm still trying to figure out the program.
what's mmd

...but seriously you are OBSESSED with vocaloid
Radagast the Brown said:
that'll be her ocd, not really her fault

so uh, yeah, miku miku dance. sounds good

well okay yeah

but still

it kinda creeps me out man
make miku look like she's falling off a cliff with some PRT SCRN buttons and GIMP animation

EDIT: oh i skipped over the title and rin's post