Windows Codename "Blue" (Windows 8 successor)


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This thread is mainly to discuss and share your thoughts on Windows Codename "Blue" which is going to be a new Windows release. Microsoft has also announced that they will be providing cheap or even free upgrades! (Probably because Windows 8 was such a failure they need to save Windows users from it) From what we know now, it seems pretty horrible much like it's predecessor "Windows 8." But we will never know for sure until it's release.


Celestial Guide
Baby Luigi said:
They're making a new operating system and Windows 7 still feels new?

Windows 8 came out in August 2012 IIRC, so they must have felt they forgot a bunch of stuff

They better bring back the start menu (not the screen) and have the "apps" just be like on Windows 95-7 as normal programs


Starting MS-DOS...
Sombrero Guy said:
They better bring back the start menu (not the screen)
From the screenshots I've seen, the Start button & old menu are non existant (as of now). I too hope they return that.