Official NSMBU Gold Medal Challenge Mode Thread

Post-Damage Invincibility

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Well, be careful what you wish for folks. You wanted a little difficulty, and you got it in spades. NSMBU is the hardest Mario game of all time. It certainly isn't the story, it's the Challenge Mode. Going for gold literally blows the Lost Levels out of the water in terms of difficulty... It literally makes them look like a joke. It is even a great deal harder than Mirror Mode (which was also a mode) of Donkey Kong Country Returns, a game which, even in it's regular mode had a reputation for hardness. Whoah, Challenge Mode is as hard as fuck. Once again, the main story is UNGODLY EASY, but the Challenge Mode is so UNGODLY HARD I'm actually okay with the former. The main story sort of serves as a relaxing distraction from the grueling Gold Medal Challenges. BREATHING is litterally harder than the main story, with respect to Challenge Mode. I have gotten all the Gold I've attempted so far. I unlocked my first 5 Star Challenge, which I haven't attempted yet. Considering the **** Star Challenges, I can only imagine it will be HORRIBLE. I wonder if the Star Sysyem denotes how hard it is to beat the challenge PERIOD, or how hard it is to get the Gold. Because they would all be easy as hell if you are just going for Bronze or Silver. But the Speed Runs especially are SO FUCKING INTENSE, every DECISECOND COUNTS!!!

In fact, everyone that has been nightmarishly hard so far has involved a Time Limit. The game will expect you to make certain intense triple jumps and bounce off enemies just at the right time, among other things, or you simply will not make it. It utilizes all of Mario's abilities. The key is to hold on to your sanity. After an hour and a half of the same challenge, you start to get loopy and making mistakes you never would have made before.

A lot of people are talking about the two Boo Ballets, but if you struggled for a long time with those, you might as well give up now because, buddy, you ain't seen nothing yet. The Time Limit wasn't an issue with those, because either you make it, or you die. There's no in-between.

200 Clifftop Coins would have been easy were it not for the time limit. My God! That one set me back at least a good 40 min.
Fliprus Crossing was a **** star challenge, but really seemed more like a *** star, because it was fun, and lent itself to a speed run well. Unlike the next four star challenge, in which you had to avoid all the coins and avoid the Spikes, I think it was called Perilous Coin Dodge. EDIT- No it wasn't called that. I can't remember what that one was called. It was in the desert, and it was a coin dodge one that ACTED like a time attack one, a double-whammy! That one was insanely hard.

Attack of the Bob-ombs... God Almighty... what a NIGHTMARE! I had already been playing for 5 hours and was tired but figured hey, just one more. That STUPID TIME LIMIT! Not to mention, even if you are doing good, you can get killed by Bob-ombs any second. I finally beat it over an hour later with 2 seconds to spare.
That Penguin vs. Torpedo challenge is quite tricky to get the gold on, since if you don't get rid of one of the Torpedo Teds that are in your way, you won't beat the 45 second time limit.
I agree the difficulty to get all gold medals is very high, I wonder if I would have time to do it.