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Yes, I know I probably won't get many replies because not many people that I know play Webkinz. Hell, they don't even have a category on FanFiction.Net!

Anyways, discuss Webkinz here.

I have had 2 old accounts in the past:

One which I forgot my username that's way expired by now with 2 pets
A Lil' Kinz Koala named Kayla
A Parakeet named Nora

And another expired one known by Chipettes12345 with two pets as well

A White Poodle named Tattiana
A Reindeer named Sophia (Sadly, I couldn't adopt her in December because we had no Internet at the campground)

And my new account I got yesterday with one pet

A Cotton Candy Puppy named Luka

Anyways, I hate what they did to Webkinz World with the new Map thing because all the buildings like Quizzy's Corner and the Park are gone! :'(
New Super Mario said:
I was obsessed with these when I was little. They were like the coolest thing ever and everybody wanted one. :D

The Arcade was fun.
I only started playing last year, and I only started playing again yesterday.

The only 2 games in the Arcade I'm good at are Candy Bash and Booger Gets An A.
I forgot to say on the second account I had a Lil' Kinz Golden Retriever and I was going to put a Lil' Kinz Cocker Spaniel but I lost the code before I could adopt her. :(
I used to play this like all the time when I was little, I don't know what it's like now though. (I'd assume it was changed completely since then :P)
I used to have one but then I stopped playing.
My sister used to have an account. I'd sneak on to her account so I could play Wacky Zingos. She had some sort of white cat and a Siberian husky.