Favorite color(s)


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What is/are your favorite color(s)?

My favorite colors are green and black.
GREEN!!! and orange. and white with red polka dots.
I can go both ways. As a color in anture, I like bright colors. As colors on people, I like dark.
Hurts my eyes just thinking about it.

Everyone I know knows that my wardrobe is monochromatic, except for blue. And even so the only blues I own are navy blue and royal blue. Other than that, I have black, gray and white, but mostly black and gray.

And I'm painting my room crimson.
Monty Mole...your name wouldnt happen to be edgar, would it?
Just thinking.... you reminded me of a cousin of mind..... with the Eternally Depressed thing and the way you talk (compliment, not insult) BUT I guess not.
You have a big vocabulary, and you do'nt use slang. He's the same way. PLUS, last time I checked, he was painting his room a different color.
My favorite color is green, because it reminds me of Petey Piranha!!!!