Baked something myself for the first time

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I made Cooking Caveman's(Tumblr|Youtube) Almost Paleo Almond Butter Bread. I used a jar of almond butter, five eggs, a few teaspoons of lemon juice and a dash of baking soda, as the recipe called for. I also greased the bread pan with butter... he didn't say to do that but I don't have whatever kind of paper he was using.


Made a pepperoni+salami+swiss sandwich with mustard and mayo.


If I added up things right, here's the nutrition data for one slice (if one slice is exactly one tenth of the loaf.)

Total Fat: ~20g (30.9% of USFDA Recommended Daily Value) 
Saturated fat: ~3g (14.87% of USFDA DV)
Cholesterol: ~106mg (35.26% of USFDA DV) 
Sodium: 101mg (4.2% of USFDA DV) 
Potassium: 402mg (11.48% of USFDA DV) 
Total Carbs: ~6.79g (2.26% of USFDA DV) 
Fiber: 3.3g (13.2% of USFDA DV) 
Sugar: ~3.5g (This would also be the amount of net carbs)
Protein: ~9.75g (19.49% of USFDA DV) 
Vitamin A: 2.4% of USFDA DV
Vitamin C: 1.25% of USFDA DV
Vitamin E: 3% of USFDA DV
Calcium: 2.1% of USFDA DV
Iron: 3.1% of USFDA DV
Magnesium: 2% of USFDA DV
How probable is it that I can convince you to send me a few slices of it per express mail?
Good job mason, although I never really baked anything, although don't have much interest to either.
Scrap the food look at that Kong!!
That looks delicious... :O
Looks good.

I've found through my experiences that butter is effective in greasing pans, although it can cause a minor difference in taste if you choose to use it instead of Crisco. The difference has never bothered me, though.
Wow, my second time baking and I'm already modifying recipes. If this tastes any good I might be a natural if I do say so myself! This time I used 12 ounces of peanut butter, six eggs, three tablespoons of lemon juice, and a whole teaspoon and a quarter of baking soda.

DK: soon


This time fuck calculating the nutrition info, because that took me way too long last time. Just add up the nutrition info for the ingredients of the recipe (at least that's how I did it last time.)

I also might've failed to mention I greased the hell out of the breadpan both times with butter.
I feel honored or something... I sent the guy (Cooking Caveman) a message on Tumblr and he responded

me said:
I made your almond butter bread and it's amazing! It was also my first time baking and I'm surprised it came out well. I also made another one with peanut butter and it turned out great too! I was wondering... what could I do to decrease the dryness? The almond butter bread only seemed dry after freezing and reheating but the peanut butter bread started a little dry. I know pretty much know NOTHING about cooking. (I have pics of both of them if you're interested.)
his response said:
Good for you! I would say when you take it out of the freezer, don’t reheat it in a microwave (if that’s what you did). That will dry it out for sure! Freeze the whole loaf (or remainder of the loaf), rather than slice it and then freeze. When you defrost it, let the loaf come to room temperature (it won’t take long, maybe 15-20 minutes, and then slice. Re-freeze whatever you don’t use until the next time.

Otherwise I guess you can add some coconut oil to the mix, that might make it more moist, but it will also make it more greasy to the touch. Or add an egg to the recipe. Or maybe bake it for less time? Mine doesn’t come out dry, so I’m not sure what went wrong.

Why don’t you post the pics on your blog, so all the Caveman Minions can take a look-see. Thanks for reading!
HOORAY FOR YOU!!!! :) ;) :D ;D :goomba:

Finally, I can move on in my life!