School Uniforms

Do you have school uniforms?

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At an Academy I was going to go to, yes, but the school I went to instead, no. So I just voted no.

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Mine is a navy polo shirt with a logo and either a jumper or cardigan the same. However, as I'm pretty important I have badges :).


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Smg2daisy said:
Those who are in university have nothing do with this.
Thats kind of rude, people who are in university went to school too.
Also, my school did not have uniforms.


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I'm going to University, and I never saw any Uniforms, no other students, no teachers, but only our Security Guards have a Uniform.
In fact, there's no single School in The Netherlands with Uniforms.


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Beige shirt (ugh I hate that color) and a navy pants ( I am ok with it).

uniforms are kinda bland and boring.


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Smg2daisy said:
I don't know, in my country people in university had graduated from school.
In most countries, people in university are still going to school, unless they are teachers or staff.

I've never really understood uniforms, people find ways to look different even with them. They can be pretty cool in animes though, but are generally bland in real life.

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homeschooled most of my life, didn't have a uniform. This is cheating a bit, but I wear a uniform for work that looks damn snazzy with the company vest over it.

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I used to go to a uniform school; I really don't see what's so bad about it.

Actually I continued to wear polo shirts and pants for pretty much everything even after I went to a new school. I still do. Guess I just got used to it.