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Does anyone have a PDF file of the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Player's Guide?

I wanna try adding complete maps from all the worlds in NSMB2. :)
Hiya. If you meant the official Prima guide, you might wanna try *dead*. They seem like the kind of thing your looking for, being complete NSMB2 guide as a PDF download. Hope this helps!

Link removed due to piracy concerns
I edited out the link in the post above as asking for scans of an entire recently-released publication skews dangerously close to rule #10

No requesting, sharing of or linking to illegal wares (such as ROMs, or certain mp3s). If you are unsure of whether an piece of content is illegal or not, PM an administrator or moderator; said Administrator will tell you if it is okay to post it.

Requesting or posting scans of the invidual maps is kosher (I don't know if it's all that more legally defensible, but the copyright holders are far less likely to care at the very least) but posting a download of the entire thing in public is not.
Sorry I didn't mean any harm.
Aw, come on. :( I wanna see the world maps from NSMB2. :(

@Glowsquid Thanks for nothing, bub. :|
Hey, YoshiKong?

Can PM me about what you said about where I can find a NSMB2 PDF Guide?
Sorry LTIan, I've just realised that the website requests a payment for the download after you follow one of the links on the site.

I don't think that's what you're looking for.
Aw, man. :(

Well, this article was a waste of time.

Could someone end it already and add a FAILED to the title.?
Re: Request: NSMB2 World Maps (FAILED)

Ok. :(

Re: Request: NSMB2 World Maps (FAILED)

Lindsay151 just uploaded these a few seconds ago;



Re: Request: NSMB2 World Maps (FAILED)

I have no idea. They could be scans of the guide as they don't look like SDKs. You could try asking her.
Re: Request: NSMB2 World Maps (FAILED)

The maps are of World 2, World 3 and World 4 respectively. We've got an artwork of the World 1 map already uploaded. Did you want to request the rest of the maps?