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Many of our level articles have loads of bad walkthrough-style phrases/tense usage. The biggest culprits are phrases like "can", "must", "may", and "should", which disrupt the flow of the article and make the article read more like a GameFAQ than an encyclopedic entry on a level from a video game. This also goes for collectibles like Star Coins and K-O-N-G Letters, which have descriptions that focus mostly on what the player has to do in a way that reads like a walkthrough. Another, slightly less prominent problem is the use of future tense in summaries, which also disrupts the flow. This is a good example of what to avoid in articles like these; it describes things with a very tangled jumble of tenses and styles, features both future tense forms and walkthrough-like phrasing, and just generally gets in the way of its own information.
Grammar. Finally, something I can do.

I can definitely help out on this.
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I think instead of the level summary being a bad walkthrough, we should have the level pages be summaries of the levels, and a link at the bottom to a walkthrough page.

"Warm Fuzzy Plains"
this is a level in sticker star etc.

"Walkthrough/Warm Fuzzy Plains"
defeat goombas and heres how to solve this puzzle etc.
Or we could summarize everything in the level without sounding like a walkthrough, and let the people that want walkthroughs use GameFAQs or YouTube? Avoiding having walkthroughs or walkthrough-like content here is the whole purpose of this thread. Granted, level summaries can still be used as a walkthrough, but that doesn't mean we have to purposefully cater to those using them for that purpose.
It may not be related to level articles, but I've seen strategy-like wording in the Paper Mario items articles. I remember I fixed some of those before this proposal was made, but there could be still some left.
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Don't we have an NIWA wiki for walkthroughs already? I'll help with this.

Yes, it's StrategyWiki

Or you can just go to an actual walk-through site like GameFAQs instead