Super Mario-kun Scanlation Proyect!


I'm spamming every Mario-related forum I know with this thing, so, I hope you guys will forget me for that.

Today appears the stupiest thing I did in my whole life: I buy 12 Volumes of Super Mario-kun Manga!

SERIOUSLY ^^! Since I was searching for almost 4 years with little to no sucess for this manga, I decided start an Scanlation proyect of my own, but I have a little problem (Appart of been a non-native english speaker T_T): I have no idea of Japanese ( has an English version of their Shopping Cart if you ask ^^U). I posting this everywhere I can if I can find some help.

Here's the page ->

You can download the Raws in the Raws section I'll fill when I have a bit of more time ^^U :mario:

AH! I'm GinnyN and I'm LatinAmerican. So, please, forgive the grammar horrors ;D