Okami's boxart (A IGN logo on it)


"You greedy punk!" - Mona, WarioWare MMG
Okami is a game realeased a short time ago, it was developed and published by capcom. Now is the funny part: A ign logo on the cover. Yes a ign logo. Why? Because (probably) capcom used this pic as background. Here is the cover:


How capcom could use IGN art on their own game? That's stupid...
Capcom actually noticed this. :D
Okami was relased last year >_> it was just RERELASED on the wii
I know that, and the wii boxart got a ign logo on it. That's the point of the thread =/

And what's rereleased? =P
I have that game, with the IGN logo and all. Very fun game, btw. On the Capcom website they have three print-out covers that you can switch with your 'defective' one for people who are bothered by that logo.