Your Top 3 Zelda Games with Reasons

Name your Top 3 Zelda games and state reasons along with them.

1. Ocarina of Time: I never actually played the original, but this game started the whole Zelda series for me when I purchased Ocarina of Time 3D. And it is absolutely flawless. An awesome plot, awesome music, awesome bosses, and awesome dungeons. The characters were great as well. The items are fun to use as well. I always remember going across Hyrule field, rolling to make me go faster.

2. Skyward Sword: Skyward Sword is amazing. Close to beating Ocarina of Time even. The action and adventure was amazing. The plot was pretty good too. And I loved how it kinda told the history of the game. It had some humor which was good. The dungeons were SO fun, and I became addicted to this game in the summer and finished the rest I had in like a week.

3. Four Swords: I got a chance to play this game when the anniversary addition came out. Not many people like it, but when you have 4 people to play it with, it's so fun to go back and do dungeons and try to get gold keys and defeat Vaati all the time. I love the teamwork aspect of the game.

Just so you know, I'm basing my decision off of all the games I've played which are (besides the ones above): (I posted reasons why I didn't choose them)

The Legend of Zelda (Eh, I suck at it)
The Adventure of Link (Zelda 2) (I suck at it even more)
Majora's Mask (Good game. I suck at it though, and I don't prefer to be rushed in my Zelda games!)
The Minish Cap (Got it for Ambassador games. Never got into it that much.)

The only other ones I really want to try are A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess sometime. Wind Waker and those other games don't appeal to me too much, but I might check into a couple of them just for good reviews.


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1. Ocarina of Time: Never played the Oringnal bit when I played it, it took me awhile to get into to it but the game excellent, I loved all the dungeons (especially the Forest and Sprit temples), I even enjoyed the Water Temple. It turned my thoughts on Zelda upside down from being at first glance, discusting shit (juding by the Phamton Hourglass box)but now just a magical adeventure that I just want to play again and again.

2. Skyward Sword: Also amazing, it was hard between this and OoT but the only reason OoT is higher because of the loftwing got quote after awhile boring but aside that everything else blew my mind away, controls were prefect, overworld was prefect, items were prefect, dungeons were prefect and bosses were prefect, it was very long as well.

3. Twilight Princess: The game was around the same length as Skyward Sword but it's controls wasn't as good but hey, playing as Wolf Link was fun, I enjoyed riding on Epona more than any other game, it's plot was interesting and I'm the only one who enjoyed the Twlight Sections, the game can get a bit tiring after awhile but this game is denfintly underrated. (Take that Bop)

Other games I played:
Majora's Mask (it's good but it just misses out)
Four Swords (If's fun but it's just not my kind of game)
The Legend of Zelda (I suck at it)


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anyway the best one is majoras mask because it has the best characters and, thus, i actually give a shit about the fact that theyre all about to die

then wind waker because exploring the ocean was great

then oot because none of the game was phoned in the way zelda games invariably always are nowadays

heres all the zelda games ive played in order of how good they are:
majoras mask
the wind waker
ocarina of time
links awakening
a link to the past
the minish cap
oracle of ages
oracle of seasons
bs the legend of zelda
the legend of zelda
the adventure of link
four swords
twilight princess
skyward sword
spirit tracks
phantom hourglass


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How is Skyward Sword a horrible game.


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because i didnt like it, and my opinions are facts. duh


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New Super Mario said:
Skyward Sword was awesome. I don't see how people don't think it's like a Zelda game.
I kinda saw that at first but it's still epic anyway.


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1: Ocarina of Time (It's cool, I loved how you can use the Ocarina to make your own song)

2: Majora's Mask (It's too fucking scary, but it's still good)

3: Twilight Princess (Wii): (It's okay, but I didn't like Link's new voice)

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1. A Link to the Past because it was fun.
2. Ocarina of Time because it seems pretty ok.
3. Minish Cap because I can't think of anything else

Zelda games I've played:
A Link To The Past
Ocarina of Time
Minish Cap
Four Swords Anniversary


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1) Wind Winder: absolutely stunning visuals, a great idea for exploring, fantastic music, and final boss was badass.

2) Link to the past: First Zelda game, a plethora of option stuff to get and do, dark world was exciting and very challenging, freaking invincible rod.

3) Oracle of Ages: loved the story, great new ideas, pretty cool dungeons ideas, and Nayru was just gorgeous.

However, after playing Darksiders 2 the Zelda series just hasn't been the same for me, since it pretty much did what I always wanted out of the franchise.


1)Skyward Sword:Amazing game with great gameplay and story and great characters too Ghiriham,Groose Etc

2)Wind Waker:Great visuals and gameplay and one of the best game ever

3)Ocarina of time:Awesome,and you can play music too

Zelda games ive played:

Minish cap

The Legend of zelda original

Wind Waker

Spirit tracks

Phantom Hourglass

Skyward Sword

Ocarina of time

Four Swords