100,000 Things Only Nintendo Fans Would Get/Think Of/Do/etc.

Alright, every time you post, post a couple of things Nintendo Fans only get, think of, or do. Be random and have fun!

Make sure to continue the count in your post. I'll get it started with 5. Please, no more than 5 in a post though.

1. When you see three triangles you instantly think of the Triforce
2. Vacuuming in the dark makes you feel as if you are Luigi with his Poltergust.
3. The number 64 makes you think of the Nintendo 64
4. When driving in the mountains you look for Gorons
5. You wait for Mr. Ressetti whenever you walk outside.

So, yeah, as you can see you can make them kinda stupid and funny. Saw some of these for Hunger Games, and I thought a little Nintendo themed game would be pretty cool.

Next person start with 6.
6. You have Nintendo themed backgrounds, ringtones, notifiaction noises and covers for your phone.
12. When someone says use a Link they say "He isn't your slave"
14. Buy the Wii U
New Super Mario said:
11. Hypnotism makes you think of Fawful's eyes.



15. Whenever I see an assortment of shapes, I think of Kamek
16. When someone mentions Black Ops 2 or Minecraft, I go ballistic.
17. I draw hilarious Pokémon drawings on my homework (i.e. Exeggcute saying "I'm surrounded by idiots").
18. Staring into the sky and thinking how the Void would work in a rounded world.
19. When someone says mouse you think of Pikachu
20. When someone plays "Simon Says" you say, "No, it's Shy Guy says"
21. You go into a random stranger's house, thinking they would give you a helpful item.
22. When I punch bricks I think of Mario.
23. You ingest Amanita muscaria, thinking you would grow big*

*Big mistake.
24. If you ever play an ocarina you try to travel back in time with it.
25. You've tried to point up random object up in the sky to try and get the Goddess's powers.
26. You use banana peels to slow down the cars behind you.
28. You catch bugs in bottles and expect to sell them for a hefty price
33. you think "paralegal" means "flying lawyer"

(i actually used to think this)