Would Super Paper Mario be tougher without Bowser?

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Lots of people say SPM was too easy. But there is NO denying that Bowser is the best fighter in the game. His breath can deal massive damage from a good enough distance. His speed issue is resolved with Carrie. A Bowser/Carrie combo is unmatchable. It is the best choice for just about any boss or combat situation in the game. Without Bowser available, the next best is often having to use Cudge to deal massive damage, in which you must get in close. You are always more vulnerable when you have to get right next to an enemy. So my question is this: Would the game exactly as is (except amended for when parts where Bowser is needed, i.e. bushes taken out), with NO BOWSER, be considered hard? What would the 100 Sammer Guy and 100 Trial Pit be liked without him?


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Before Bowser's inside story, generally it was to give other main characters a try, so I don't think excluding Bowser is a correct thing. Also Bowser could be much stronger as SMB games show.

IMO, the point of Paper games is still puzzles instead of fighting, easy fights wouldn't be big deals.


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Yeah. I think it would be harder without Bowser since he has double attack bitches.

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would the paper mario series in general be tougher in an RPG format

the answer is yes

also they're more fun that way


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I could do without Bowser. I always used Peach mainly because of the Parasol shield and I always used Cudge + Boomer with her through the 100 Sammer Guys and the Pit of 100 Trials.

So I wouldn't really find it harder without Bowser.
tbh Bowser is my least used out of everyone, I only use him if he's necessary to light up areas, or burn down something in my path. Double damage is nice, but I think Bowser only does double damage with Thudley. With Boomer/Cudge I think it stays the same for Bowser, but doubles the damage for everyone else. =P
I just find Bowser too big of a target and too slow to really do anything, I guess I'm just much more of a defensive and patient person lol