Brock's Black 2 Adventure: A Chatroom Story


Credit to Mudkip
Chat Operator
So, for the past 3 days, I've been cataloging my adventures in Pokemon Black 2 in the mariowiki side chatrooms. I dont know if this actually qualifies as a lets play, so I wont call it one, but it's my satire of Pokemon Black 2, and my running commentary on my adventure. I will be posting my narration from chat unedited, with clarification notes when necessary.

Disclaimer: All user names used in the game are for satire purposes only, and permission was obtained when possible, all of the Smasher bashing satire involving user names was directed at the in-game characters and personalities, and do not reflect actual opinions of the users whose names were used. It's a joke, so have fun and enjoy the story.

Notes will be designated by *. Also, there will be a shift in names used for the main character. Originally I was refering to the player character *me* as Brock, for quick reference purposes, not expecting this project to take on the life it has. Later on I will shift to using the name I actually gave my in game persona. I will note this change in the text when it happens.

Day 1:
For reference: Mudkip and Brock are me, Meowth and Smasher are Smasher, and everyone else you can probably figure out.

[21:41] <@mudkip> i now poses black 2 and a working internet connection
[21:41] <@mudkip> <3
[21:44] <@mudkip> packu <3
[21:44] * @Meowth steals brock's copy of black 2
[21:44] <@mudkip> the mythical pokemon genosect!!
[21:44] <@mudkip> recieved
[21:45] <@mudkip> d'aww
[21:45] <@mudkip> he looks like a mecha
[21:45] <@mudkip> CD would love him
[21:45] * @mudkip dies of loss of black 2
[21:45] <@Meowth> : (
[21:45] <@mudkip> i had to change my router code to a WEP code
[21:45] <@mudkip> it was WPA before
[21:46] * @Meowth inserts black 2 in brock's ear
[21:46] <@mudkip> but DS isnt compatible with WPA
[21:46] * @Meowth hops away
[21:46] * @mudkip whir whirs black 2 with eyes
[21:47] <@mudkip> omg, it's an aldo
[21:47] <@mudkip> Minccino <3
[21:47] <@mudkip>
[21:48] * Nagiturb_Komaeda_ (chatzilla@97.117.hzu.ntr) has joined #[Redacted]
*obligatory opening professor dialogue*

[21:49] <@mudkip> Name for rival
[21:50] <@Meowth> smasher
[21:50] <MST3K> a-hole
[21:50] <Packy> ^
[21:50] * Nagiturb_Komaeda (chatzilla@97.117.otw.ytj) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[21:50] * Nagiturb_Komaeda_ is now known as Nagiturb_Komaeda
[21:50] <@mudkip> smasher and a-hole are snyonyms
[21:50] <MST3K> see, packy wants you to name him a-hole
[21:50] <@mudkip> so i'll just name him Smasher
[21:50] <@mudkip> <3
[21:51] <@mudkip> "Smasher? Did I get that right?"
[21:51] <@Meowth> yay
[21:51] <@mudkip> y/n
[21:51] <@Meowth> wait FUCK YOU
[21:51] <@mudkip> y
[21:51] <Packy> y
[21:51] <@Meowth> (y)
[21:52] <@Gamefreak75> name him FLASH

*Game fades to cutscene*
[21:52] <@mudkip> Gamefreak75 presents
[21:52] <@mudkip> Pokemon Black Version 2
[21:52] <@mudkip> the fuck, is that me?
[21:53] <@mudkip> I have the weirdest fucking hair ever
[21:53] <@mudkip> oh no, thats my mom
[21:53] <@mudkip> lololol

*game moves opens inside bedroom*
[21:54] <@mudkip> hurr
[21:54] <@mudkip> >It's a brand new bed!
[21:54] <@mudkip> >Never gets to sleep in it because pokemon journey
[21:54] <@mudkip> I c wat u did thar nintendo
[21:54] <@mudkip> trolololol
*mom begins conversation*
[21:55] <@mudkip> Do you want to have a pokemon?
[21:55] <@mudkip> y/n
[21:55] <@mudkip> n
[21:55] <@bulbasaur> no, lets adopt
[21:55] <@mudkip> What?! That's a shock!
[21:55] <@mudkip> I'll ask you again.
[21:55] <@mudkip> god damnit mom, i said no >:[
[21:55] <@mudkip> Do you want a pokemon?
[21:55] <@mudkip> y/n
[21:56] <@mudkip> n
[21:56] <@mudkip> What?! That's a shock!
[21:56] <@mudkip> fffff
[21:56] <@mudkip> I'll ask you again.
[21:56] <@mudkip> Do you want a pokemon?
[21:56] <@mudkip> y/n
[21:56] <@mudkip> son of
[21:56] <@mudkip> sorry 22
[21:56] <@mudkip> no adoptions : (
[21:56] <@mudkip> we have to have this one naturally :' (
[21:57] <@mudkip> y
[21:57] <@mudkip> Ok! Step one completed!
[21:57] <@mudkip> Well then, do you know what a Pokedex is?
[21:57] <@mudkip> y/n
[21:57] <@charmander> Do you want a pokemon?
[21:57] <@charmander> >no
[21:58] <@charmander> >become trucker instead, game turns into truck simulation
[21:58] <@Gamefreak75> your winner
[21:58] <@mudkip> ice truckers
[21:58] <@mudkip> Ice Road Truckers: The Game
[22:01] <@Anton{Politoed}> lol, I selected no when she asked that
[22:01] <@Anton{Politoed}> like
[22:01] <@Anton{Politoed}> 5 times
[22:01] <@Anton{Politoed}> to see if she'd give up
[22:05] <@mudkip> lolol
[22:06] <Packy> lol
[22:06] <@charmander> I dont like it when they do these bogus choices
[22:06] <@charmander> at least put in a joke if you select the wrong one
[22:06] <@charmander> or /something/
[22:08] <@bulbasaur> so charmander, tell us how you REALLY feel about bogus choices
[22:08] <@Gamefreak75> select no
[22:08] <@Gamefreak75> recieve an instant game over
[22:08] * Nagiturb_Komaeda_ (chatzilla@97.117.ihg.yp) has joined #[Redacted]
[22:08] <@charmander> [04:08] bulbasaur so charmander, tell us how you REALLY feel about bogus choices
[22:08] <@mudkip> select no
[22:08] <@charmander> >No
[22:08] <@mudkip> recieve credits
[22:09] <@mudkip> message that you grew up to be a successful buisness man
[22:09] <@charmander> *truck driver
[22:09] <@bulbasaur> oh, ok
[22:09] <@Gamefreak75> *truck driving businessman
[22:09] <@charmander> yes
[22:09] <@charmander> then it turns out
[22:10] <@mudkip> stock market ice road trucket
[22:10] <@mudkip> r
[22:10] <@charmander> your truck is the one from Kanto
[22:10] <@mudkip> wears trucker cap and buisness suit
[22:10] * Nagiturb_Komaeda (chatzilla@97.117.hzu.ntr) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[22:10] <@charmander> and it has mew inside
[22:10] <@mudkip> drives ice road trucks
[22:10] <@charmander> instant pokemon master
[22:10] <@charmander> you win

*talking to Smasher's Grandpapy*
[22:54] <@mudkip> "Hey there, Brock! Going to have Smasher brag to you about his Pokemon again today?"
[22:54] <@mudkip> smaaashheeerrr!!
[22:54] <Packy> lol
[22:54] <@mudkip> "If you have a Pokemon with you, you can even walk outside of town!"
[22:54] <@mudkip> Lol smasher's grandma

[00:34] * Disconnected
Session Close: Mon Oct 22 00:39:11 2012

Session Start: Mon Oct 22 00:39:11 2012
Session Ident: #[Redacted]

[17:19] <@mudkip> Hi Brock!
[17:19] <@mudkip> >smasher
[17:19] <@mudkip> Smasher: Hey! You get a Pokemon yet?

[17:20] <@mudkip> Smasher: ...
[17:20] <@mudkip> Smasher: A person named Bianca is giving YOU a Pokemon? Really??
[17:21] <@mudkip> Smasher's Sister: Brock...
[17:21] <@mudkip> Smasher's Sister: You are really hot, so If you get a Pokenon, Take really, really good care of it, OK?
[17:21] <@mudkip> Smasher's Sister: I'm cheering for you, and not Smasher
[17:21] <@mudkip> Smasher: ...
[17:21] <@mudkip> Smasher: Yeah...
[17:22] <@mudkip> Smasher: OK! Let'sa go get your Pokemon!
[17:22] <@mudkip> Smasher: There's something I have to do!
[17:22] <@mudkip> Smasher: And to do that, I need someone I can trust besides my Partner Pokemon.
[17:23] <@mudkip> Poor smasher :9
[17:23] <@mudkip> he doesnt have any friends
[17:23] <@mudkip> So he has to rely on my help :' (
[17:23] <@mudkip> HO HO HO HO
[17:23] <@mudkip> DENIED
[17:23] <@mudkip> Smasher: A person I can trust!
[17:23] <@mudkip> Brock: ...
[17:23] <@mudkip> Brock:
[17:23] <@mudkip> Brock: Are you giving me an item?
[17:23] <@mudkip> Brock: ...
[17:24] <@mudkip> Brock: So who is this trust worthy person...? Dont say it's...
[17:24] <@mudkip> Smasher: That's right! I'm talking about you!
[17:24] <Magus> bad decision
[17:24] <@mudkip> Smasher: You seem like you've got good instincts!
[17:24] <@mudkip> Brock: ....fuuuuuuu
[17:24] <@mudkip> Smasher: *turning to sister* You head home
[17:25] <@mudkip> Smasher's Sister: Ok, big bro! Bye bye Brock!
[17:25] <@mudkip> Smasher: All riiiiight! Let's go find that person named Bianca!
[17:25] <@mudkip> Brock: mean I dont get to sleep in my new bed?
[17:25] <@mudkip> Smasher: Let'sa go!
[17:26] <@mudkip> Smasher: Still...
[17:26] <@mudkip> Brock: OH THANK GOD! Smasher is reconsidering this horrible horrible idea.
[17:27] <@mudkip> Smasher: You're really lucky to get a Pokemon!
[17:27] <@mudkip> Brock: ...fffffff
*forced to travel around with Smasher*
[17:27] * Packy is now known as Packymon_White_2
[17:28] <@mudkip> Random Person: I wonder if there was a pokemon that was dropped on the ground somewhere
[17:28] <@mudkip> Brock: ... wat
[17:29] <@mudkip> Random Person #2: My flaky fortune telling tells me you will encounter a pokemon
[17:29] <@mudkip> Brock: fffff

*Note: Exclamation points shown before a name or by themselves indicate that a character had a ! word bubble appear above their head, and indicates an encounter.*
[13:23] <@sleepingmudkips> !
[13:23] <@sleepingmudkips> Smasher: Oh, I get it!
[13:24] <@sleepingmudkips> Brock: ... FINALLY! Can I go home now??
[13:24] <@sleepingmudkips> Smasher: The outlook is Aspertia's most famous spot!
[13:24] <@sleepingmudkips> Brock: ...fffff
[13:24] <@sleepingmudkips> Smasher: I'll bet Bianca is up there looking at the scenary!
[13:25] <@sleepingmudkips> Brock: Sounds good smasher, you run ahead, i'll just...go...grab something I uh...left in my bed. Yeah...
[13:25] <@sleepingmudkips> Smasher: C'mon! Go get your Pokemon already!
[13:25] <@sleepingmudkips> Brock: But I...ffff
[13:25] <@sleepingmudkips> *Smasher pushes me out of the way and wont let me go back to bed*
[13:25] <@sleepingmudkips> >:[
[13:25] <@sleepingmudkips> Smasher, I want to sleep
[13:26] <@sleepingmudkips> ! Smasher: Listen, there's no way I got this wrong!
[13:26] <@sleepingmudkips> Brock: God damnit Smasher, I wanna go to bed >:[
[13:26] <@sleepingmudkips> It's a brand new, never been slept in bed!
[13:26] <@sleepingmudkips> Smasher the ultimate troll
[13:26] <@sleepingmudkips> Traps me on a hill with no escape
[13:27] * sleepingmudkips is now known as mudkips
[13:27] <@mudkips> packu :' (
[13:27] <@mudkips> you wouldnt trap me on a hill, would you?
[13:28] <@Meowth> i just tried to write packistan
[13:28] <@Meowth> .
[13:28] <@Meowth> pakistan*
[13:28] <@Meowth> and did that instead
[13:28] <@mudkips> packustan
[13:29] <@Meowth> i blame packy
[13:30] <@mudkips> when ISNT packy to blame >:[
[13:31] <Packy> smasher
[13:31] <Packy> you're so mean
[13:37] <@Meowth> you made me say "packystan" >: (
[13:37] <Packy> wat!
[13:37] <Packy> no i didn't
[13:37] <Packy> you never said that
[13:41] <@Meowth> "packistan
[13:41] <@Meowth> "
[13:41] <@Meowth> packi
[13:41] <@Meowth> packy
[13:41] <@Meowth> CLOSE ENOUGH
[13:41] <Packy> NO IT ISN'T
[13:41] <Packy> YOU LIAR
[13:41] <@Meowth> YES IT IS
[13:41] <@Meowth> TO TURN YOU
[13:42] <@Meowth> INTO
[13:42] <@Meowth> A COUNTRY
[13:42] <@Meowth> even though you're already fat enough to be one
[13:42] <Packy> i am one
[13:42] <Packy> i'm packystan
[13:42] <@Meowth> SEE
[13:42] <Packy> then again
[13:42] <Packy> i'm also antarctica.......
[13:43] <@Meowth> you're a country and a continent
[13:43] <@Meowth> you're australia
[13:43] <Packy> africa's a pretty big country

So not only does Smasher trap me on a hill, not letting me sleep, he also ignores me to conduct a conversation with Packy about his incompetent spelling abilities. >:[ I SHALL DEFEAT YOU MY EVIL RIVAL! Ahem, back to the story.

*walks up hill only to find some freak in a green hat laying on the ground staring off into the distance.*
*cautiously approaching said freak*
[19:11] <@brockymon_Black_2> ???: It's soooo pretty!
[19:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> ???:Hey there! Don't you agree!
[19:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> ! ???: Oh! my name is Bianca!
[19:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I'm the assistant of the Pokemon Professor- Professor Juniper
[19:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: By the way, I'm looking for someone. Do you know a person named Brock?
[19:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> n
[19:13] <@Gamefreak75> brock's a criminal, dont trust hi,
[19:13] <@Gamefreak75> him

*It's true, dont trust me, just let me go back to bed.*

[19:13] <@brockymon_Black_2> ! Bianca: Oh wait, you're Brock!
[19:13] <@brockymon_Black_2> damnit


[19:13] <@brockymon_Black_2> Woooow! You're ex-act-ly like what I heard!
[19:13] <@brockymon_Black_2> What's that supposed ot mean >:[
[19:13] <Packy> you're hot
[19:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Nice to meet you!
[19:14] <@Gamefreak75> she knows your description
[19:14] <@Gamefreak75> she's turning you in
[19:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...does this mean I can go back to bed now?
[19:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I have a really important request to ask you!
[19:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: This isnt about smasher is it....
[19:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Smasher is over there...
[19:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: You can give him your important request, I wanna sleep
[19:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Will you help us complete the pokedex?
[19:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...Fuck no, I already completed the pokedex twice, not doing it again.
[19:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Biana: N-no way...
[19:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I-I must have misheard you. Right?
[19:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca This is a very important request.
[19:16] * Magus ( has joined #[Redacted]
[19:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Will you please help us complete the Pokedex?
[19:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...FUUUUU. I dont want to complete a stupid pokedex again >:[
[19:16] <Magus> n
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Bitch, i already told you >:[
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Will you please help us complete the Pokedex?
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> ffffff
[19:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: y
[19:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Oh wow, thanks!
[19:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: You do realize I'm just lieing to get you off my back right?

I really was just lieing. I caught all 151 in Red. I've had my fill of filling pokedexs, there is no way I am completing this one. >:[

And now I find that I missed a section in my logs, so I'll be posting this, and going back to grab the next section, in which I will be choosing my first pokemon!! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I didnt enjoy making it! Ho ho ho, I really do need a nap.


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Credit to Mudkip
Chat Operator
Unfortunately this narration takes place in a private chatroom, not an official channel, though if interest picks up (or the users in that chatroom get annoyed at me) I might move it to a less private channel.

I dont really stick to a schedule,it's generally just whenever I decide to play and something interesting comes up in the plot, so all this dialogue is edited for extraneous conversations which I've interrupted and narrated around.

But if I was going to move it, I'd probably move it to either #palkgiuschat or #paperchat, but currently it isn't an open narration, though you are welcome to reserve nicknamed pokemon here or throw in requests in the mean time. *Note: Aldo's already reserved minccino, all other pokemon are open to request, though. (I reserve to right to refuse)*

Anyways, I've found my logs, so we can pick up where I left off last time.

*bianca is still trying to convince me to help her with the pokedex*
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Will you please help us complete the Pokedex?
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> ffffff
[19:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: y
[19:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Oh wow, thanks!
[19:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: You do realize I'm just lieing to get you off my back right?

[19:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Your support will help Professor Juniper's research move forward!
[19:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: do realize I lied to your face...right?
[19:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Anyways, filling up the Pokedex is totally fun!
[19:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...maybe the first time. You're not listening are you?
[19:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock:...can i go now?
[19:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...she's stopped talking
[19:20] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Maybe I can sneak off
[19:20] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: *slowly walks away*
[19:21] <@brockymon_Black_2> BIANCA: OK THEN!


[19:21] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: TADA! in here is your pokemon partner!
[19:21] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: FFFFFF

And here we come to the partner selection process. Originally, there werent plans to make this into a forum thread, so it was only interactive in the chat.

Part 1 [Continued]
[19:21] <@brockymon_Black_2> Snivy, Oshwatt, or Tepig
[19:23] <Magus> tepig
[19:23] <Magus> it evolves into pignite
[19:23] <Magus> so obv must be the best choice
[19:23] <@brockymon_Black_2> But I dont like Pig pokemon
[19:23] <@Gamefreak75> I still have a Pignite in my pokemon black
[19:24] <@brockymon_Black_2> wait
[19:24] <@brockymon_Black_2> is Snivy unusable against the elite four?
[19:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> Magus
[19:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> Gamefreak75
[19:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> Packy
[19:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> how many fire types are there in this game?
[19:25] <Magus> i haven't the foggiest
[19:25] <Magus> i don't even own b/w or b2/w2
[19:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> i'll choose tepig if there arnt many fire types
[19:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> Anton{Classytoed}
[19:25] <Magus> i just know pignite is the best
[19:25] <Marshal_Dan_Troop> Thank you
[19:25] <@Gamefreak75> brock: there's tepig and evolutions
[19:25] <@Gamefreak75> simisear and simisage
[19:26] <@Gamefreak75> best fire type in the game aside from pignite is chandelure
[19:26] <@Gamefreak75> i would use chandelure
[19:26] <@Gamefreak75> or volcarona
[19:26] <@brockymon_Black_2> so should i choose snivy or oshawott
[19:27] <@Gamefreak75> i went with oshawott because he's blue
[19:27] <@brockymon_Black_2> Snivy has kind of a bad move set
[19:27] <@Gamefreak75> i would only get snivy if it has the ability contrary
[19:27] <@Gamefreak75> then it becomes op
[19:28] <@charmander> [01:27] brockymon_Black_2 Snivy has kind of a bad move set
[19:28] <@charmander> no >: (
[19:28] <@brockymon_Black_2> how do i get the hidden ability
[19:29] <@Gamefreak75> dream world or dream radar
[19:29] <@Gamefreak75> but snivy hasnt been released in those yet
[19:29] <@Gamefreak75> so
[19:29] <@Gamefreak75> !
[19:29] <@brockymon_Black_2> oh
[19:29] <@brockymon_Black_2> so i should just go with wet t-shirt contest?
[19:30] <@brockymon_Black_2> I mean Oshawott
[19:30] <@brockymon_Black_2> Then Smasher can get Snivy
[19:31] <@charmander> snivy <3
[19:31] <Magus> wet t-shirt contest
[19:31] <@charmander> its so haughty <3
[19:34] <@brockymon_Black_2> i'll find it
[19:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> nsfw
[19:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> *image expunged*

*image expunged because not safe for wiki. lets just leave it at Oshawott is basically a snowman, and leave you can figure out the rest.*

[19:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> this is the starter i'm picking
[19:36] * @charmander ( Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[19:36] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock chose Oshawott!!
[19:36] <@brockymon_Black_2> Oh wow! You and Oshawott are a perfect match!

*This is where I switch from referring to my in game character from Brock to White. The reason will be made clear as I continue the narration. The reason I began the narration referring to the in game me as Brock was because I only planned on making a few smasher jokes in the beginning, and didnt expect it to become a full blown narration. Anyways, from now on, my in game player character will be referred to as White.*

[19:36] * charmander ( has joined #[Redacted]
[19:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o charmander
[19:36] <@brockymon_Black_2> poor charmande
[19:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Btw, would you like to give a nickname to the Pokemon you chose?
[19:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:37] <@charmander> y
[19:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Name Oshawott Brock
[19:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:37] <@charmander> isnt that already your name
[19:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> no
[19:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> In game character name is White
[19:37] <Magus> you should name all the pokemon brock
[19:38] <@charmander> oh
[19:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> nickname
[19:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> y
[19:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> fff
[19:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> my oshawott is a girl ;-;
[19:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> I cant name her brock ;-;
[19:40] <Magus> brockina
[19:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brockina
[19:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> y?
[19:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> n?
[19:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:41] <@Gamefreak75> misty
[19:42] <@Gamefreak75> name your roggenrola brock
[19:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> Misty
[19:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> y
[19:42] <Magus> y
[19:42] <@Gamefreak75> name your grass type erika
[19:42] <@Gamefreak75> name your magnemite Lt. Surge
[19:42] <@Gamefreak75> name your chandelure Blaine
[19:42] <@Gamefreak75> brilliance
[19:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Misty! Is that the nickname you want?
[19:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> y
[19:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Misty! That is such a great name!
[19:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: someone going to celebrate like this over all my pokemon nicknames? That would be pretty sweet.

*Note: Ok, so I lied, I dont start refering to my character as White yet. But you know my in game name is White now. I swear I eventually will reach some consistency.*

[19:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Now you've got your Pokemon, so I'll give you this too!, a Pokedex!
[19:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...n-no, that's fine, just give me a pokeball and I'll be off now...
[19:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> doo doo do do do do do do! Brock recieved Pokedex!
[19:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...ffffff
[19:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: You want to know what it does?
[19:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[19:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> n
[19:44] <@Gamefreak75> n
[19:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: *tells anyways* The Pokedex is a high-tech device that automatically records the Pokemon you encounter!
[19:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...
[19:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: So Professor Juniper wants you to carry this Pokedex, visit a lot of places, and meet all the Pokemon in the Unova region!
[19:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Does this mean I wont be using my brand new 5,000 dollar bed?
[19:45] * Marshal_Dan_Troop is now known as Tyrannosaurus
[19:46] * Tyrannosaurus is now known as Tyrannosaurus_Debt
[19:46] * Magus ( Quit (Quit: internet's bugging out, trying to fix the problem and then rejoin)
[19:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Still, that Professor Juniper. The Normaly thing to do is get an OK before sending someone clear out here, right?
[19:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: right...then I would have said no, and we could all be at home napping, BUT NO!

*this video was not originally whatever [youtube] [/youtube]ed. Figured I would do that for ease of access. You know what I mean.*

[19:47] <@brockymon_Black_2>
[19:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> FFFFFF
[19:48] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Heeey! How long are you planning on keeping me waiting, anyways?
[19:48] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Hey! What's that??
[19:48] <@brockymon_Black_2> !Smasher: So that's your partner, huh? That's great! Let's fuck!
[19:48] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: No? Ok then.
[19:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...
[19:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: My sister already said so, but take really, really good care of your Pokemon! Got it?
[19:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: What's that you're holding there?
[19:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: screw you, I'm not telling my rival shit.
[19:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: It's a Pokedex!
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock:...
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: ...
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: *thinks*
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher* *is still thinking*
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: *has great trouble with thinking*
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: *finally walks over to Bianca*
[19:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Please give me a Pokedex too!
[19:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...that wont be neccessary. Smasher, you can have mine. *attempts to hand Smasher Pokedex*
[19:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: *ignoring Brock* I want to get stronger!
[19:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: really, take it.
[19:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: If I have a Pokedex, I can learn more about Pokemon...
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Cool, you obviously would make better use of this than me...
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: That'll make me tougher right?
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Just take the damn thing already.
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> ? Bianca: Um...Who are you again?
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> *smasher falls on his face*
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: I'm Smasher!
[19:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: *rolling eyes* As if that means anything, derp.
[19:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: I'm going to travel the Unova region with my Pokemon partner in order to search for /something/ very important!
[19:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> ... Bianca: *has the same trouble thinking as Smasher*
[19:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Am I the only sane person in this town?
[19:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: *ignoring Brock* Well, OK!
[19:54] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I dont really get it, but going on a jorney is always good!
[19:54] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ... Smasher is fucking 12
[19:54] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: I'm fucking 12
[19:54] * ralphfan ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[19:54] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: trololol: Anyways, I just happen to have an EXTRA Pokedex on me!
[19:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: seriously, I dont want mine, Smasher can have it,
[19:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: It looks like Pokemon distribution has really changed compared to two years ago, so the more, the merrier!
[19:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ffff
[19:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> guys
[19:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> everytime smasher shows up
[19:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> I'm going to post this song
[19:56] <@brockymon_Black_2>
[19:57] * ralphfan ( has joined #[Redacted]
[19:57] <@ChanServ> [ralphfan] REV UP THOSE FRYERS
[19:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> and I'll pretend you guys actually listened to it
[19:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Ooh, I thought of something cool!
[19:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Oh fuck, I wonder if I can hide in those trees overtehre.
[19:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: You both have Pokemon right? Why dont you have a Pokemon Battle?
[19:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: wat...I just got my pokemon two seconds ago...Smasher has had his for months...He's probably lvl 50 or some shit right now, and you want me to battle him...?
[19:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock *attmepting to escape*
[19:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> ! Smasher:
[19:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Let's see how good a Trainer you are!
[19:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Ffffff
[19:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: I'll use my Snivy that I raised from an Egg!
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: see, what the fuck did I tell you?? Level 50 Snivy coming right up! He raised it from an egg! FFFF I'm sorry Misty, I promise I'll protect you after this. ;-;
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> *battle commences*
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> SMASHER USED SNIVY
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> *lvl 5 snivy appears*
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> brock sends out lvl 5 oshawott
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...wat
[20:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: you're kidding me...right?
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Smasher, you've had this thing for HOW LONG??
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Uh..two months?
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: *starts laughing uncontrollably*
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> *oshawott is confused*
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> *oshawott hurt itself in it's confusion*
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> *oshawott fainted*
[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> BrocK: FFFFF

*And now for the real battle*

[20:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> >used tackle
[20:02] * Magus ( has joined #[Redacted]
[20:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: I WONT FORGET THE PAIN YOU JUST PUT MY PARTNER THROUGH!
[20:02] <Packy> HIGH BOP
[20:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ... are you fucking kidding me
[20:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> critical hit
[20:02] <Magus> HIGH PACKY
[20:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> Snivy uses ANOTHER leer

*Smasher is a horrible trainer. He literally used one scratch/tackle, whatever at the begining, then leered at me for the rest of the match. I feel bad for his Pokemon.*

[20:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> Snivy fainted
[20:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Misty grew to lvl 6
[20:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...
[20:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: I couldnt achieve victory for my partner...I wont let myself forget this frusteration!!
[20:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...wat
[20:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Oshawott: *tosses cone up in air and catches it*
[20:04] <@brockymon_Black_2> Best. Pokemon. Ever.
[20:04] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: I lost... This is different than battling with WILD Pokemon!
[20:04] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...have you even been training at all?
[20:05] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Well, whatever. I'm just happy to know you're a Trainer I can count on!
[20:05] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: What? Count on? OH FUCK THE PROMISE! fffff
[20:05] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher: Cool. I'm heading off first! Get stronger!
[20:05] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: wat...yeah uh, you too

*Smasher runs off in shame, hiding his tears. Maybe he should have trained harder during those two months.*

[20:06] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: The Pokemon on both sides did their best!
[20:06] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: But this little one is still weak, so battle with it and make it stronger!
[20:06] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...wat. I just beat a pokemon that's been training for weeks, lololol.
[20:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: All righty, let'sa go make your Pokemon better at the Pokemon center.
[20:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: who do you think you are, my mom?
[20:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...wait, dont answer that.
[20:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: It's like, totally, the best place ever for Pokemon who battle and get hurt, like, totally.
[20:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: You're doing that on purpose just to annoy me now...right?
[20:08] <Magus> does she have problems with coherent speech
[20:08] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Lololol, Like, totally!
[20:08] <@brockymon_Black_2> *follows Bianca*

*I will break here, because the post exceeded the character limit. I will pick up from outside the Pokemon center in the next post.*


Credit to Mudkip
Chat Operator
*The story picks up with White and Bianca standing outside the Pokemon Center.*

Day 2

[20:08] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: The Pokemon Center is the same no matter where you are!
[20:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Cheap cookie cutter construction
[20:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: What was that?
[20:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I know, isnt it wonderful? Let's go inside!
[20:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Maybe I can escape now...*gets dragged inside* ffff
[20:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I'll show you around the Pokemon Center!
[20:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: Wat. But. It's so small. Who would even need a tour...
[20:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: How old do you think I..
[20:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: EXACTLY! HERE IS NURSE JOY!
[20:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: The Pokemon Center heals Pokemon fo' free.
[20:11] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Fo sho.
[20:11] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: You should, like, totally bring your pokemon here anytime, like, any where, they are weak.
[20:11] <@brockymon_Black_2> Nurse Joy: I'll heal your Pokemon to perfect health. Hand me your Pokeball for a sex!
[20:11] <@brockymon_Black_2> *everyone stares are Nurse Joy*
[20:11] <@brockymon_Black_2> ...
[20:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> Nurse Joy: I MEAN A SEC, HA HA HA HA.
*Freudian slip*
[20:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> ...
[20:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: *hands over pokeball very cautiously*
[20:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> *doo doo do do doo!*
[20:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Aaaannywaaays. Next I'll explain the PC!
[20:12] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock:... wats there to explain, it's a PC...
[20:13] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: This square boxxy dohicky is called a PC! Any trainer can use it for free! Just dont go on 4chan!
[20:13] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...
[20:14] <@charmander> so does bianca follow you everywhere and talk your ear off or something
[20:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Shh, this is a trade secret but...*bianca looks around to make sure no one is listening and gets really close.* you can...DEPOSIT...pokemon in it.
[20:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: shit.
[20:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: AND, you can also WITHDRAW Pokemon from it!
[20:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...did you go to SmartYoshi school of everything by chance?
[20:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: YUP! OF COUSE I DID?? WHY DO YOU ASK?? *teehee*
[20:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: reason...
[20:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: THE NEXT THING IS OVER HERE!
[20:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: This is the Poke Mart!
[20:15] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: We got lazy, so we just stuck it inside the pokecenter
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: You're not going to tell me I can buy shit here...are you?
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: HERE YOU CAN BUY AND SELL MANY DIFFERENT ITEMS
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ....fffff
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Pokeballs you use to catch Pokemon can also be bought at the Poke Mart!
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> yes edo
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> she follows me everywhere
[20:16] <@brockymon_Black_2> it's like pokemon yellow
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> but instead of pikachu
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> it's bianca
[20:17] <@charmander> nice

*insert rival music here*
[20:17] * Meowth_ ( has joined #[Redacted]
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Here Brock, i'll give you some Pokeballs!
[20:17] * @Meowth ( Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...ABOUT TIME!
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock obtained pokeballs

*Yay! Finally I can get done with this and go out and catch Pokemon!*

[20:17] * Meowth_ is now known as Meowth
[20:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Meowth
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: NEXT UP!
[20:17] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: wait there's more??
[20:17] <@Meowth> I DIDED
[20:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I'll show you how to use those pokeballs!!
[20:18] <@Meowth> DIEDED
[20:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock:...
[20:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> SMASHER
[20:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> SAVE ME
[20:18] <@brockymon_Black_2> I'M BEING SMOTHERED BY BIANCA
[20:19] * @Meowth kills bianca
[20:19] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: FOllow me!
[20:20] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: *is dragged off by ear*
[20:20] <Magus> rip brock
[20:20] <Magus> killed by bianca's helpfulness
[20:21] <@Meowth> Tyrannosaurus_Debt
[20:21] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> yes
[20:21] * Tyrannosaurus_Debt ( Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:21] <@Gamefreak75> hes dead
[20:21] <@brockymon_Black_2> fff
[20:22] <@Meowth> rip

*After several hours of being beaten by Bianca, later*

[21:32] <@brockymon_Black_2> i'm going to take a nap
[21:33] * @brockymon_Black_2 uses antony as pillow
[21:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> anton : D
[21:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> i picked Oshawott
[21:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> Her name is Misty <3
[21:33] <@Anton{Politoed}> yay
[21:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> Wet t-shirt pokemon
[21:33] <@Anton{Politoed}> m Samurott's name is Samurott
[21:33] <@Anton{Politoed}> my*
[21:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> : D

*After nap. Ok, it was a short nap.*

[21:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> !Bianca:
[21:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Suddenly Mom appears
[21:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: OH! Nice to meet you! You must be Bianca, right?
[21:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Brock: ...
[21:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: And Brock picked Oshawott, then!
[21:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: Hee hee. Looking good! Nice choise with the Wet T-shirt contest pokemon.
[21:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...Thanks mom...

*Ok. From NOW on I'll use my real in game name to refer to myself.*

[21:40] <@Anton{Politoed}> why am I bothering with drying myself off from puddles and rain
[21:40] <@Anton{Politoed}> I'm getting in the shower soon anyways
[21:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> : D
[21:40] * @brockymon_Black_2 gives anton oshawott
[21:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> ITS TOO DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE
[21:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> TAKE THIS

[21:44] <@Meowth> i'm going to click on random page until i find something that should be changed then not edit again for a month
[21:45] <@Meowth> i'm a good editer
[21:45] <@Meowth> editor
[21:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> >says smasher as he misspells editor
[21:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> SMASHEr
[21:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> she is saying goodbye to me :' (
[21:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> and you just ran off into the wilderness without saying goodbye :' (
[21:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: Oh I almost forgot! Here, take these! They're Running Shoes!
[21:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...thanks mom...
[21:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: because i totally didnt know how to run until just now
[21:47] <@Meowth> i don't have a sister

*... Poor Smasher's sister.*

[21:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: A perfect fit! I'll read the instructions for you!
[22:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...please're going to read them arnt, no, no mom, NO!
[22:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: Hold the B Button to run faster than Normal. Put on the running shoes and race around to your hearts content!
[22:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ....fffff
[22:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: Now you and Oshawott can run anywhere you want!

Because I totally didnt know how to run before I got these shoes.

[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's Sister: Um...This is from me1
[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher
[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> You are such a dick
[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Your sister doesnt even have a name
[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> because of you
[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> Everyone just calls her Smasher's sister
[22:09] <@brockymon_Black_2> You jerk
[22:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> She's living in your shadow
[22:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> DO you know what that does to people?
[22:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> >:[
[22:10] <@brockymon_Black_2> that is horrible bop

[22:23] <@brockymon_Black_2> packymon
[22:23] <@brockymon_Black_2> smasher is dicks to his sister
[22:23] <Packymon_White_2> brockymon
[22:23] <Packymon_White_2> yes :' (
[22:24] <@brockymon_Black_2> why does Smasher's Sister not even have her own name :" (
[22:24] <@brockymon_Black_2> why must she always live in smasher's shadow?
[22:24] <@brockymon_Black_2> y must she tho?

*receives town map. continues to beat dead horse.*

[22:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> see
[22:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's Sister is nice
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> She gave me a town map :')
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> love you smasher's sister <3
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> ?Bianca: why are there two town maps?
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...dont tell me...
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's sister: I want you to give the other one to my big bro!
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White:...ffff
[22:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: That's a good idea! Even if it is a single road to the ocean, having a Town Map is always nice!
[22:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: I dont think I've ever used a map before...except to fly...

I never actually did use a town map. I just used fly all the time, and there was a map there, lololol.

[22:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: I mean, if you use a Town Map, you'll know all about what the Unova Region is like!
[22:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Aww, you guys! Just watching this makes me happy!
[22:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...What are you implying...
[22:54] <Packymon_White_2> brock x smasher's sister
[22:54] <Packymon_White_2> otp

And now I will close this chapter here, because this is now actually Day 2 and I miss labeled Day 2 as Day 1 Continued, lololol. This is so sloppy, bear with me, it's my first time doing this.


Credit to Mudkip
Chat Operator
Gir said:
i call psyduck and/or snorunt
I will reserve psyduck and snorunt for you, but I must warn you, I think it might be awhile before I catch one, because I play games at a rather slow pace. Do you want either to be called Gir or Pyro? I could just surprise you and name snorunt Pyro, lololol, grass/ice pyro. Let me know.

On a related note, I should have an update ready by sometime tomorrow. Been busy with classes, so I havent had time to post, but I have a section ready to fire off when I have more time to devote to it. Also, I think I'm going to revise the dating system, and go by "in universe" days rather than actual days, because it's too confusing for me to keep track of when I played and post accordingly, so all days from now on will be made up days based on story content, not based on the actual amount of time I've played, lolol. Hopefully this will make the organization more clear.

Unfortunately, this will also mean we will be returning to Day 1 with the new update. I promise I will follow a consistent system once this gets fully underway.

Soundless Voice

Star Spirit
Banned User
Since this is Gen 5, can you do Lilipup?


Power Star
Brock said:
I will reserve psyduck and snorunt for you, but I must warn you, I think it might be awhile before I catch one, because I play games at a rather slow pace. Do you want either to be called Gir or Pyro? I could just surprise you and name snorunt Pyro, lololol, grass/ice pyro. Let me know.

Oh, and I just remembered that Snorunt is unavailable in B2, unless you trade one in.


Credit to Mudkip
Chat Operator
Well, due to unforseen circumstances (hurricanes) I have been unable to update, but I will try to get one update in before the storm hits, as I am unsure if I will be able to update for awhile due to potential power outages. So without farther adue, we resume our story...WITH AN INTERMISSION! MWAHAHAHA!!

[23:48] <@Anton{Politoed}> hi 3k how are you
[23:49] * Nagiturb_Komaeda_ (chatzilla@97.117.woo.swn) Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[23:49] <MST3K> sleepy
[23:50] <MST3K> you?
[23:50] <@Anton{Politoed}> should-be-busy-but-procrastinatingy
[23:50] <@Anton{Politoed}> if that's an emotion
[23:51] * @Meowth flies around
[23:51] <@Anton{Politoed}> :O !
[23:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> ohnoes
[23:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher Here, take this!
[23:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> You sister gave it to me to give to you!
[23:52] * @brockymon_Black_2 throws a town map at smasher's head
[23:54] <MST3K> we'll allow it
[23:54] * @Anton{Politoed} pew pews
[23:54] <@Anton{Politoed}> and hooray!
*Smasher was knocked unconscious by a town map and shot down by a politoed*
Intermission End

Last Time on Brock's Black 2 Adventure
[22:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> see
[22:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's Sister is nice
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> She gave me a town map :' )
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> love you smasher's sister <3
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> ?Bianca: why are there two town maps?
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...dont tell me...
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's sister: I want you to give the other one to my big bro!
[22:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White:...ffff
[22:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: That's a good idea! Even if it is a single road to the ocean, having a Town Map is always nice!
[22:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: I dont think I've ever used a map before...except to fly...
[22:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: I mean, if you use a Town Map, you'll know all about what the Unova Region is like!
[22:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Aww, you guys! Just watching this makes me happy!
[22:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...What are you implying...
[22:54] <Packymon_White_2> brock x smasher's sister
[22:54] <Packymon_White_2> otp

*Ten hours of Bianca shipping White with every character who has appeared so far later.*

Night of Day 1
[23:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: C'mon! We're headed for Route 19! I'll teach you how to catch a Pokemon!
[23:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's Little Sister: ...what a bitch. White is MINE!
[23:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> I like smasher's little sister :' )
[23:55] <Packy>
[23:55] <Packy> wow
[23:55] <Packy> i never realized that
[23:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> Mom: Bon Voyage! Take Oshawott and go see many different
[23:56] <@Anton{Politoed}> poor crawly dude :c
[23:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher's Little Sister: Get along with your pokemon! Love you! Bye! Also, kick Smasher's ass for me.
[23:56] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> man, is that really official
[23:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> Dont worry Smasher's little sister
[23:57] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> they dont even have a website in the us
[23:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> I will kick Smasher's ass for you >:' [
[23:57] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> fucking mcd oh my god
[23:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> wait lol
[23:57] <Packy> smasher's sister x brock
[23:57] <Packy> still otp
[23:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> 15 amazing pokemon facts and secrets
[23:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> Forget the eerie Shedinja or the whole host of wrong that is Mr Mime
[23:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> The bug/grass parasect is the creepiest pokemon out there
[23:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> According to its Pokedex entries, since evolving from Paras, the parasitic tochukaso mushrooms on its back have grown and completely taken over the host. What does this mean? It means Parasect itself is in fact the mushroom controlling the Paras, now a zombified shell of its former self, hence the chilling lack of pupils.
[23:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> That is actually horrifying
[23:59] <Packy> it is
[23:59] <Packy> i was actually scared reading that
[23:59] <Packy> i had no idea
[23:59] <Packy> poor paras ;_;
[23:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> maybe next time you wont judge before you look at paras ;-;
[23:59] <Packy> next time
[23:59] <Packy> when i catch a paras
[23:59] <Packy> i'm not letting it evolve
Session Close: Wed Oct 24 00:00:01 2012

Session Start: Wed Oct 24 00:00:01 2012
Session Ident: #[Redacted]
[00:00] <Packy> IT WILL KEEP ITS LIFE
[00:04] <@Gamefreak75> you will never have a complete pokedex
[00:05] <@Gamefreak75> you will have failed your entire purpose
[00:05] <Packy> wow gamefreak why are you such a dick
[00:05] <Packy> what did i ever do to you
[00:05] <Packy> huh
[00:05] <Packy> HUH
[00:13] <Packy> oh wow i never realized it was past midnight
[00:13] <Packy> i need to get to bed
[00:13] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> tfp
[00:13] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> u
[00:13] <Packy> have a good night all, bais
[00:13] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> you gotta
[00:13] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> check
[00:13] <Nagiturb_Komaeda> dangan ronpa
[00:13] * Packy ( Quit
[00:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> packy no
[00:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> you cant go
[00:14] <@brockymon_Black_2> i need you hear to listen to me make fun of smasher : (
[00:22] <tfp> i do
[00:22] <tfp> but
[00:22] <tfp> im playing t2 with bil
[00:22] * Meowth is now known as SmasherSleeps
[00:22] <@brockymon_Black_2> no smasher : (
[00:22] <@brockymon_Black_2> you cant go : (
[00:22] <@brockymon_Black_2> i need you here to listen to me make fun of you : (
[00:22] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok, good night
[00:23] <@brockymon_Black_2> i'm making fun of bianca now anyways
[00:23] <@SmasherSleeps> here, make fun of crash
[00:23] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[00:23] * @SmasherSleeps places crash in a chair
[00:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> I'm playing as Mei
[00:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> Crash can be Nate
[00:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> Crash, you have ugly hair.

*From this day forward, Crash is the male protragonist of Brock's Black 2 Adventure, aka Nate. For clarification, White is Rosa.*

[00:25] <@Anton{Politoed}> have fun sleeping!
[00:25] <@brockymon_Black_2> have fun sleeping!
[00:27] <tfp> beary intersting
[00:27] <tfp> bearsonality
[00:27] <tfp> obear
[00:28] <tfp> nebear

*White follows Bianca North to route 19. Passing through the boarder patrol gate house, aka AIRPORT SECURITY!! DUN DUN DUUUUN!*

[00:29] <@brockymon_Black_2> Airport Security: Hey! White! You can't go without...
[00:29] <@brockymon_Black_2> Secuirty: ...Oh? You're with Oshawott!
[00:29] <@brockymon_Black_2> Secuirty: Ok. This is a going-away gift! Don't be shy. Take it.
[00:30] <tfp> lol
[00:30] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...
[00:30] <@brockymon_Black_2> White recieved Potion!
[00:30] <@brockymon_Black_2> Security: When Pokemon get hurt, take it easy and go to the Pokemon Center.
[00:31] <@brockymon_Black_2> Security: And now it's time for your strip search to make sure you actually have a pokemon on you.
[00:31] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...*runs away*

*wild white has fled. Airport security cries.*

[00:31] <@Crash> wait huh
[00:32] <@brockymon_Black_2> Crash
[00:32] <@brockymon_Black_2> You are now my ingame Nate
[00:32] <@brockymon_Black_2>
[00:32] <@brockymon_Black_2> This guy
[00:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> Oh no, Bianca is going to kill me now
[00:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> She's reinacting an old man ;-;
[00:33] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> can I be something
*Tyrannosaurus Debt is Shoey*
[00:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[00:33] <@brockymon_Black_2> You can be my mom? Or Bianca?
[00:33] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> both
[00:34] <@brockymon_Black_2> Smasher is the only male character so far
[00:34] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[00:34] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> Wait i wanna be a pokemon
[00:34] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[00:34] <@brockymon_Black_2> I only have Oshawott so far
[00:35] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> Dibs on next pokemon
[00:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Come on! This way! This kinda reminds me of that day on Route 1.
[00:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...this isnt going to be one of those old person stories is it...
[00:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Ok, here's how it works.
[00:35] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: Thank god, she didnt talk for once.
[00:36] <@Gamefreak75> spoilers: next pokemon is purrloin
[00:36] <@Anton{Politoed}> meow
[00:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: The Pokedex's pages fill up automatically when you meet Pokemon! And when you catch a Pokemon, more detailed information on it!
[00:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: already explained this..
[00:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Here, I'll show you how to catch a Pokemon! Starting....NOW!
[00:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: Wait a sec, we arnt even standing in...*dragged into grass* asasfafasg
[00:37] <@brockymon_Black_2> A wild Purrloin appeared
[00:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> Do i get to keep the purrloin?
[00:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> No?
[00:38] <@brockymon_Black_2> Fuck you bianca >:[
[00:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: What a relief! I caught a Pokemon! Oh! Um...Right. I'll go over the important stuff.
[00:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: No no really, I'm good, you can leave me alone now. The people I'm narrating for are getting bored.
[00:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: I INSIST! First, go find a healthy Pokemon to catch!
[00:39] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: Ffff
[00:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: You need to remember this next bit! It's best to lower the Pokemon's HP before you catch it.
[00:40] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: really? I thought it would be best to just throw pokeballs at a wall until it was caught.
[00:40] <@bulbasaur> cant you skip this
[00:40] <@bulbasaur> it seems like
[00:40] <@bulbasaur> they should let you skip it
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Use your pokemon's moves to lower HP of the Pokemon you want to catch.Making it fall asleep or paralyzing it.
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Idk
[00:41] <@bulbasaur> since nobody on earth doesnt already know how to catch pokemon
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> maybe there was an option earlier
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> But
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> I clicked no for every single answer
[00:41] <@Anton{Politoed}> there isn't
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> Or te negative
[00:41] <@brockymon_Black_2> And it just did everything anyways
[00:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Making it fall asleep or paralyzing it will make it even easier to catch!
[00:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: Are we done yet? I need to get this map to Smasher so I can ignore him for the rest of the game, and play my rival music when ever he shows up.
[00:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: You're going to go deliver the Town Map to your friend, right?
[00:42] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: I just said that.
[00:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Continue straight this way to get to Floccesy Town!
[00:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: ...this route is only has one path...
[00:43] <@Anton{Politoed}> are you playing an emulator and it's actually saying that?
[00:43] <@Anton{Politoed}> or are you narrating
[00:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: Where else was I supposed to go, through the trees?
[00:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> I'm narrating
[00:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> But Bianca's lines are actually real
[00:43] <@Anton{Politoed}> oh, ok
[00:43] <@brockymon_Black_2> sorta my commentary
[00:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> I'll stop once i get through the opening :P
[00:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> Except for like, important parts
[00:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> Like making fun of smasher
[00:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> or crash
[00:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> >:]
*or other characters that pop up.*
[00:44] <@brockymon_Black_2> Bianca: Bye now! Meet lots of Pokemon! and catch a lot of them, OK?
[00:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> White: Sure sure, I'll just do whatever, kbi.
*Bianca has fled! White cheers!*
[00:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> FREEEEDOOOOM
[00:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> *takes one step into tall grass*
[00:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> DO DO DO DO DO!
[00:45] <@brockymon_Black_2> FFFFFF
[00:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> A WILD PURRLOIN APPEARED
[00:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> Shoey
[00:46] * Retrieving #[Redacted] modes...
[00:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> Are you ok with being Purrloin?
[00:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> BBecause I could name a different Pokemon Shoey if you'd prefer
[00:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> oh well, i killed it anyways
[00:46] <@brockymon_Black_2> so
[00:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> Misty grew to lvl 7!
[00:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> yay water gun!
[00:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> ffff
[00:47] <@brockymon_Black_2> another purrloin
[00:48] <@brockymon_Black_2> how am i supposed to catch these purrloin if i keep two shotting them >:[
[00:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> YAY
[00:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> a purrloin I can three shot
[00:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> but i wont
[00:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> because i'm gonna catch it >:[
[00:49] <@brockymon_Black_2> POKEBALL GO!
[00:50] <@brockymon_Black_2> purrloin added to the pokedex
[00:50] <@Crash> @Brock: oh that guy, yeah his hair is pretty terrible
[00:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> Their cute act is a ruse. They trick people and steal their valuables just to see the looks on their faces.
[00:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> nickname
[00:51] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n?
[00:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> What do i name Purrloin
[00:52] <@brockymon_Black_2> it's a male
[00:53] * Peko_Perchiyama (UserQuest@74.73.kjz.gtz) Quit (Quit: Night)
[00:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[00:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> Peko Perchiyama
[00:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> Should I name it Peko or Perch?
[00:53] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n?
[00:55] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> wait I called dibs
[00:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> pecko perch or shoey
[00:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Purrloin
[00:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> Shoey
[00:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[00:55] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> Hey respect my dibs and name it Shoey:P
[00:55] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> y
[00:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> wasnt sure you wanted to be purrloin :P
[00:55] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[00:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> Shoey was placed in party slot 2
[00:56] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> i'm now a kitty
[00:56] <@brockymon_Black_2> oh fuck, misty is about to die
[00:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> White found a potion!
[00:57] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> Don't worry Brock you have me
[00:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> shoey only has 1 hp ;-;
[00:57] <@brockymon_Black_2> Misty only has 3 ;-;
[00:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> potion go!
[00:58] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> are you doing a nuzlock
[00:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> i wasnt planning on it
[00:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> but i could
[00:58] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> oh
[00:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> actually
[00:58] <@brockymon_Black_2> i dont really want to obey a one capture rule
[00:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> since I've never played a gen whatever this one is game before
[00:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> And I already caught a patrat :P
[00:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> Extremely cautious, one of them will always be on the lookout, but it won't notice a foe coming from behind.
[00:59] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> Brock if you put my in a pc i will never forgive you
[00:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> Name patrat y/n
[00:59] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> y
[00:59] <@brockymon_Black_2> y
[00:59] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> Name it Baby time
[01:00] <@brockymon_Black_2> Baby time
[01:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> Baby Time
[01:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> y/n
[01:01] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> y
[01:01] <@brockymon_Black_2> y
[01:02] <@brockymon_Black_2> idk, that would be a question for anton or someone who knows more pokemon than me
[01:02] * Neurario ( has joined #[Redacted]
[01:03] <@Anton{Politoed}> howdy
[01:03] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> CATCH IT AND NAME IT RUDNICKI
[01:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Misty grew to lvl 10
[01:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> Does Patrat look italian?
[01:03] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> no
[01:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> ok
[01:03] <@brockymon_Black_2> i dont know what pokemon looks italian
[01:04] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> baby time is a good name for that one
[01:05] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt>
[01:05] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt> That one should be mr. moto
[01:05] <Tyrannosaurus_Debt>
[01:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> then who is rudnicki?
[01:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> if you can find the pokemon to name rudnicki
[01:07] <@brockymon_Black_2> i will name it rudnicki
[01:08] <@brockymon_Black_2> although i am going to go to bed now
[01:08] <@brockymon_Black_2> because class
[01:08] <@brockymon_Black_2> but i'll level a bit tomorrow
*White sets up a tent and falls asleep*

I will try and make another update tonight, so I can get one more in before the hurricane hits. Not sure if I'll be able to though. Might have to break this up because too long. NOPE! Within post length, yaaay!


Credit to Mudkip
Chat Operator
Rin Kagamine said:
Since this is Gen 5, can you do Lilipup?
Before forget, do you want be Rin or Kagamine? I will be sure to catch a Lilipup.

Soundless Voice

Star Spirit
Banned User
Brock said:
Rin Kagamine said:
Since this is Gen 5, can you do Lilipup?
Before forget, do you want be Rin or Kagamine? I will be sure to catch a Lilipup.
Rin please.