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Yoshi K

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Welcome to Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Pointless stuff of BLABLABLA Rules:

-I need at least 10 people to sign up, but will take as many as who want to. SIGN UP PERIOD OVER.

-This will work like this, I will start out with a question so easy, it's a joke, with increasing difficulty each question, until only one person is left, who is claimed The MILLIONAIRE! (cash not included)

-I will PM you the question, send me a PM back with your answer.

-Do NOT post the answers on the thread, if you do you are immediately disqualified and I have to come up with a new question.

-If a user sends me an answer that answers more than the question I asked (but it still has to be related to the question) EXAMPLE: I ask which character said a certain quote, and the user answers it with the game it appeared in as well, they may get a BYE to the next round.

-If any user gets a question wrong they will immediately be eliminated

-If you have any questions, ask them! I may add the answer under the rules.

-If all contestants get a question wrong, gameplay continues but the question difficulty decreases.

-If any contestant does not give me an answer within 48 hours of me asking the question they are eliminated regardless of what the other contestants answer. (ex. If User 1 and User 2 got a question wrong, and User 3 did not give an answer, User 3 would be eliminated.)

-Tell me if you did not receive the PM with the question (if you signed up obviously).

With the boring stuff out of the way, let's get started!

Host: Yoshi K

1. Yoshiwaker
2. Smg2daisy
3. Nabber
4. FireKirby
6. GreenDisaster
7. Northern Verve
8. GustehMan
9. ChaoticLeo
10. Toad85
11. Smasher
12. Cirdec
13. RandomGuy


EDIT: @Nabber I know! It failed! (right?)
EDIT: @SCSA I know that too! I changed it to support multiplayer.


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hey i did this before


also this isn't at all how you play the game but screw it


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because that's how we let people know we want to play something

Yoshi K

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Sign up period ends 24 hours after the time of the tenth person signing up, in other words, 10:03 PM Today.

Yoshi K

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Sorry for ending this an hour early, but I don't think anyone else wants to sign up. Sending PM with the (insanely easy) first question.


~Massive Fangirl
If all the questions are going to be THIS HARD. I don't stand a chance. Might as well like drop out.

Yoshi K

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The next question will actually have difficulty, this one was just a warm-up.

Yoshi K

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Alright, I'm just waiting for NABO.

Yoshi K

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OK, everyone has sent in their answers....

What Color is Mario's Hat?

A. Blue
B. Green
C. Red
D. Yellow

In the order of which I got their PMs

GreenDisaster (C)
Nabber (C)
ChaoticLeo (C)
FireKirby (C)
Northern Verve (C)
GustehMan (C)
Toad85 (C)
Smasher (C)
Yoshiwaker (C)
RandomGuy (C)
Smg2daisy (C)
Cirdec (C)

The next question is on its way.

EDIT: Sent all PMs out, so tell me if you are in and didn't get one.