Jerry Nelson, voice/puppeteer of the Count and other Muppets, dies on Thursday


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^ What's the point of this post? Are we not allowed to be sad over someone who's work we enjoyed when we were little or something?

That's sad, I remember The Count being one of my favorite characters. RIP, Mr. Nelson.


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Aw, I loved The Count.

I'd say Jerry Nelson accomplished a lot in his time on the planet. He lived a great life.

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Gideon Gordon Graves said:
How depressing.
What's worse is that I ended up watching my cousins, and when they were watching Sesame Street I noted that there was no Count von Count anymore.

Shameful. He was, like, the best character.


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While I'm sure that Sesame Street will try to replace the Count, no one will ever be as wonderful as Nelson. Rest in peace.

...Wait, he's not on anymore?

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Nathan Latsk
He wasn't the last time I saw it.

Course it was like one episode or whatever but still. He used to be in all of them, no?


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just to put a bit of humor here

he dies on thursday huh

well i hope he has a good last few days of his lif- wait he's already dead

In all seriousness, My deepest condolences to his family.



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He did such a great job as Count Von Count, Herry Monster, The Amazing Mumford, and many other Muppets. He will be missed. :'(