Help me! What's your favorite video game music?


Ok, so here's my problem. I am creating a youtube channel which reviews great video games songs once a week and then plays them. I've already got 10 themes but my problem is most are from Mario (especially Yoshi's Island) with 2 from pokemon and 1 kirby. I plan to ask once I get more viewers for suggestions, but for now I need help!c If anyone has any ideas for songs and why they are good, please post below! Tell me what you guys like. Also, I prefer Nintendo and am trying to do less iconic songs (so not "Legend of Zelda" theme or "Ocarina of Time" stuff). If it is Iconic it's OK (every few weeks I plan to do a more famous one and every week containing friday the 13th I plan to do a "bad song" special), but I prefer ones you think are just really good and enjoyable!

(Note: Other Mario games are still find. If you know any I'm also looking for ones from the paper mario series or any 3d mario games.)

I already have:
  • Yoshi's Island: Mini Boss Theme
  • Yoshi's Island: Bowser's Theme
  • Yoshi's Island: Athletic
  • Yoshi's Island: Music Story Box
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time: Final Boss Theme
  • Super Mario Galaxy: Good Egg Galaxy
  • Pokemon Red/Blue: Lavender Town
  • Pokemon Gold/Silver: Rival Battle
  • Kirby Super Star: Gourmet Race
  • Super Mario Bros 3: Athletic
  • Super Mario Brothers: Original Theme
  • Super Mario World: Course Clear Theme

Thanks for your help!

Aru Honshou

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Lemme think...

-Anything from Mega Man 2
-Anything from Mega Man 3
-Anything from Mega Man 10
-Anything from Super Mario Galaxy