Cheetamen II: The Lost Levels (Play or DIE!)


Dry Bowser
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...So, yeah, if you want to play one of the rarest NES game sin existence at an affordable price... and, you know, actually PLAY THROUGH it, contribute now!


Donkey Kong
I will say what every person on Cinemassacre has said about this. It's not worth it. People have already fixed the bugs in the past for free. Though, I will get it if I get a free shirt that says "Shit the Turd"

Time Turner

You are filled with determination. (R/GD/TT)
It's a bad NES game that we should just leave in the past and forget about.




Dry Bowser
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Just in case you guys were wondering what James, or more specifically Mike, thought about all this:



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I was going to type about how gutsy it was of Mike to admit he cocked up and give major props to him... and then I saw he disabled the ratings and comments :/. Oh well, at least he acknowledged the kickstarter is shit.