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What are funny glitches in games you've seen? In Wipeout for the Wii, there is in obstacle in the Wipeout Zone that is a spinning blade between 2 walls. I saw a cpu get stuck between the blade & a wall & you wouldn't believe how many bone-cracking sound effects played. It looked PAINFUL. :eek:

Also in Goldeneye 007 for the N64, if you tilt the cartridge a certain way everyone spazzes out. Even the ones driving helicopters. ;D


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I love you texture mapping


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Ventus said:
FireKirby said:
being able to face the core of Nova as Kirby Without the starship.
Video of that?
welll to be honest, the hammer ability kinda causes all of this.

you can do it in revenge of metaknight.

What happens after I defeat Nova Reactor: Revenge of Metaknight ends.


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The first one my sister and I found without any sort of hints or notifications.