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How did you find the Mariowiki? I found it while I was looking for a complete list of all characters to ever appear in a videogame.


Ha ha ha, guess you did. I found it while on the Wikipedia Mario article. Am I glad I did!


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I placed the link to the Super Mario Wiki on the Geno article at Wikipedia, to attract Mario fans to the Super Mario Wiki.


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I was looking on the recent changes page on Wookieepedia, and I saw that a user named Jabbathehuttgartogg (AKA WarioLoaf. Thanks again, by the way) had edited his user page. I clicked on it and I noticed that there was a link to the Super Mario Wiki on the top of the page, and so I followed the link.

About a half an hour later, I joined.


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I found it on the Wikipedia Mario article. I thought "wow, this wiki has more info than wikipedia does on Mario stuff!" Then, I went to see just how good the articles were. First I saw Mario, which I thought was pretty impressive. Then I saw Yoshi, and I was amazed at how well written it was. When I saw Bowser, I noticed a spelling error. I tried to correct it, but it said I needed to log in or make an account to edit. Thinking there would be no harm, I clicked on the create an account button and... BOOM! Plumber was born!


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I knew about it for awhile. I saw the Boomerang Bro. article and noticed it had no info about Yoshi's Safari, so I joined just to add that. And then I made more revisions, made some articles, and essentially got addicted. Thanks, Mario Wiki.


I was on the Wikipedia Mario article, and saw the link. I was like, WOAH! A wikipedia just for Mario?! So, a hung around for awhile, and in September, got around to making an account. The end. I have been an eyesore here ever since.


I was on wikipedia Swanky Kong article and there was link to here.


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I Googled... hard to beleive... "Wikipedia" and it had in this order...
Super Mario Wiki
Homestar runner Wiki

and more.


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Well recently Geno was made part of a big List of characters from SMRPG, and the link was removed.

And I have no idea how I found the wiki, except I was in Cooperstown :P


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Wha??? I hate when Wikipedia combines articles... I was all too happy to join this Wiki as soon as I found it... through an uncombined page. Anyway, thanks to everyone here for actually creating a place where we can say a lot more than just, "Oh, he's another character in this game... yeah.... he does x, y, and x."

...weeeee i'm on caffeine. :shock:


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The caffeine part or the Wiki part? p.s. what kind of caffeine do you use? Me, it's soda.


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I found it from a link off of the Mario page on Wikipedia. :D

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Well, once upon a time, I had a week off from school. During this "March Break" I was extremely bored, and, like now, obsessed with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Searching google for a nice Paper Mario forum, I came across quite a few, most of which advertised, in one way or another, the wonderous MarioWiki. Wondering what all the fuss was about, I looked up MarioWiki (on that wonderous google ;)) and came to the fantastic site I know and love today.
Ta. Da.