What is this?

A better question would be how did YOU find it?
dang that creepy
Seems to be a youtube feature which track videos that have received a signifiant number of hits from the wiki. The "more channel" tab show there's similar things for other websites.
That link shows all embeds per site.
Aka, any video MarioWiki has embedded or linked to, are automatically added there, any video IGN has embedded or linked to, are automatically added on another 'Channel', etc.
Magikrazy said:
IceShadow1195 said:
Actually, compared to Boidoh's other threads, this thread is great and he should feel great.

If you say so.

Okay guys, I'm tired of that image being used at me, so I decided to do some revenge for once.
GreenDisaster said:
Magikrazy said:
IceShadow1195 said:
But there were more people using it at me.
Well ok; just use it the correct way next time.
And Boidoh never even used it on you.
I don't think I did either.
This topic is slowly losing its purpose...

...a SMW YT page? Wowzers, I was expecting something different. :eek:
Interesting find, how'd you find that?