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Power Star
Inspired by 2257's Mario Playing Cards - comes a strategic Kirby card game! I'll explain what I want it to be.

The idea of the game is to eliminate the opponent's Kirby and all of his helpers. You must eliminate all helpers before you get to hit Kirby. When you are the only Kirby left, you win.

On your turn, you can play three types of cards - Helper cards, Kirby cards, or food cars. Helper cards create helpers that have varying health and abilities to attack other helpers and Kirbies. Kirby cards can make Kirby do many things, such as inhale a helper that can be inhaled, slide to avoid the next attack on Kirby, and other things. Food cards obviously heal Kirby or helpers.

Each Kirby has a health of 100, and Kirby can get more health by using food/Maxim Tomato cards or by getting abilites. Kirby or helpers can attack; however, only one can attack per turn. Regular attacks do five damage, while other attacks from helpers and abilities have varying power and effects. When your Kirby runs out of health, you are out of the game.

Player 1 is Pink Kirby. Player 2 is Yellow Kirby. Player 3 is Green Kirby. Player 4 is Red Kirby.

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Power Star
I've decided to use Super Star Ultra sprites. Here's a few cards I made recently.