Create Trouble Center Requests

Create Trouble Center Requests here. You can use any character in the Mario series (still use PM2 locations preferably) or make up your own.

Character: Toodles:
Trouble: Find Toodles's lost purse.
Reward: 100 Coins
Location: Meet Toodles in Poshley Heights, Find Purse in the Pianta Parlor

Character: Lubba
Trouble: Babysit. Mario comes to Lubba's vacation home in Glitzville with 10 lumas. He leaves to go shopping in Petalburg, but when he leaves the lumas scatter around Glitzville. The players must retrieve all lumas in 10 minutes. If they do, Lubba will give them a reward. If not, Lubba will yell at Mario and take 10 of his coins
Reward: 30 Coins

Character: Puni Elder
Trouble: Buy the Puni Elder a hearing aid from the Petalburg shop. Give it to the Puni Elder.
Reward: 1 Shine Sprite
Um, you need to solve the trouble or just create a new one? Just asking.
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Character: Paragoomba
Trouble: Find lost Micro-Goombas!
Reward: 1 Star Piece