End of Nintendo?

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Is it true, sadly, but surely, Microsoft and Sony are wipping out Nintendo's enterprise and getting rid of its competition ..... permenitley?

I mean no more Nintendo !!!!!!!!!! :x
yea, but It is gonna happen, I can tell......
You... are... weirder..... than... me........ and.... that's..... saying.... something.......
Here's so factual information for you, WarioLoaf:

Nintendo's business strategy relies on them making money on everything they sell. Every time they sell a DS, a GBA, a Wii, a game, or anything, they make money.

Sony and Microsoft have a different business strategy. They sell their consoles at a loss, hoping to recoup their loses by selling lots of games.

I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that Nintendo made more money on the Gamecube than Microsoft made on the Xbox, even though they didn't sell as many. With the Wii selling so well, I don't think we have worry about Nintendo going out of business. :wink:
...Of course, it WILL end eventually. Probably not for hundreds of years. But eventually.
I don't want anyone to go. If Sony and Microfoft stop making Xbox and PS, Nintendo prices will soure!

"Supply and Damand"

But good news about there success!
WarioLoaf said:
I don't want anyone to go. If Sony and Microsoft stop making Xbox and PS, Nintendo prices will sore!

"Supply and Demand"

But good news about there success!
WarioLoaf said:
Sir Grodus said:
You do know the Wii is outselling the PS3 right?

Yea I do, But 360 is outselling IT! :cry:

You DO know the 360 has been out for a year, right? >>

Of COURSE there are going to be more sales.

Besides. 1.5 million consoles in 3 months is really not half bad.
Damn, I posted twice and not just that, I quoted myself.

Plus, i stand corrected by everybody
Nintendo will always be number one. It's number one this year, last year, and will be every year. AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT! :lol: :twisted: Really, Nintendo's not gonna die at least for more than 100 years. And I doubt even then. Monty Mole is right. Eventually the Wii, 360, and the PS3 will be close together and I bet my bigger half that Nintendo will be the top. Especially with the GameCube controller compatible games if your arms get tired.
Remember, Nintendo has been around for over a hundred years already. The company first emerged in the 1800s. They have survived much longer than Sony or Microsoft, and probably will into the future.
I do'nt think ANYONE is going to die this era. Think about it.

Microsoft is learning how to be a gaming company. It is focusing less and less on taking all platform games and giving them Graphic makeovers (You know who you are, GTA), and more and more on creating GOOD GAMES for it's systems only. (Banjo 3, Blue Dragon, Viva Pinata).

Sony, has been around for 3 years now. It snagged Square from nintendo, and though the big S has started making games for Nintendo consoles, the main Final Fantasy series seems to be sticking to the PS3. Then we've got 3 main platformers to compete with mario and the kirbster, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. It's also got that love it or hate (I love it) series, Kingdom Hearts. It's doing fine.

Nintendo. SUPER.SMASH.BROS.BRAWL. end of story. But seriously, look at what the big N's got goin for it. With it's new Innovation console, people will continue to buy there games.

Random Fact for people who hate sony for making it's system double as a DVD player.: The Wii has a NEWS CHANNEL. :shock:
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