"Internet Doomsday" day


Seems so long ago.

I'm good from the FBI site.

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I'm green


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I am environmentally friendly.

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Paper Jorge said:
That's not a good thing Jorge!

Monobear said:
I am environmentally friendly.
Not that kind of green! As in your PC is safe!


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I'm blue da ba dee da ba di da ba dee da ba di da ba dee da ba di da ba dee da ba di da ba dee da ba di

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I'm not exactly green. More like a cross between, hmm, blue green, aquamarine, and yellow green.


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"Without DNS and the DNS servers operated by Internet service providers, computer users would not be able to browse web sites, send e-mail, or connect to any Internet services."
That's half the truth.
You can do anything, but not via Domain Names.
For example:
http://www.google.com - Without DNS, it doesn't work. - Without DNS, it works, and is the exact same thing.
Well, not if it's all VHosted, but dedicated Hosts work fine.

But other than that, it's all true.

By the way, according to DNS-OK:
Uw systeem lijkt niet besmet met het virus DNSChanger
Votre système ne semble pas infecté par le virus DNSChanger
So I'm safe.