ATTN: Everyone

EDIT: Thanks for your participation! No more sending in!

My forum game, User Big Brother 3, is down to the final 4.

I need all you guys to answer a few questions involving the challenge.

Just send me a PM with your answers on them.

I really appreciate if you can help out.


1. What is your favorite Mario Game?

2. What is your favorite Mario Character?

3. Who do you think will win UBB3? (LN1, BMB, Lily, or GS)

4. Favorite Nintendo System?

5. What is your favorite kind of music to listen to?

6. What is your favorite type of Soda? (don't answer if you don't like it)

7. What is your favorite Nintendo series?

8. What is your favorite Shroom article?

Thanks again, I appreciate if you can take a short, few minutes to fill this out via PM.
Uh, sure.
Epic Nitwit said:
Ok, I have no idea what it's for, but I sent it.
Basically it's for a challenge, and they have to guess the top 4 responses for each answer.

Also, I got 5, thanks! Keep them coming!