A Mario game AND a Luigi game


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Wouldn't it be cool if for the next main Mario game, it would be an adventure that spanned two whole games? Kinda like the Zelda Oracle games, which are two seperate games that can be played independently. They wouldn't be half games, they'd be full-fledged adventures. However, after finishing one game, you can use the saved data on your Wii to continue onwards in the other game

The games could be, maybe, Super Mario Adventure and Super Luigi Adventure. Say you beat Super Mario Adventure first. When you start up Super Luigi Adventure, you can continue Mario's quest in Super Luigi Adventure, and maybe even acquire items that can be brought back to Super Mario Adventure. And if you beat Super Luigi Adventure first, you can continue as Luigi in Super Mario Adventure from a different perspective as well.

Also the games would be released on the same day, so that both versions would be available at the start. If Nintendo could actually pull this off, it'd be huge! And people who don't buy both right away can start with one title and pick up the other one later.
And if you beat both of them and you play the first one you beat and load your data you will fight a secret boss (just not bowser which makes it TOO simular to oracle)
Awesome idea!

But I'd have no problem with the two being in one game (being in one game, not being one game).

Reminds me too much of the Pokemon games. You spend a lot of money to get two games that are practically the same.

Mario sales would probably slack off because people'd get confused as to what to buy.

Good idea tho.
Luigi Kart Wii, bundled with Mario Kart Wii!
Lol, no.
No guys, these are two seperate adventures like the Zelda Oracle games. The differences in Pokemon versions are minor, these would be two different games with different levels and such.
:mario: and :luigi: are highly displeased with visiting different levels.
Ah but once you complete, say, Mario's game, you can continue in Luigi's game as Mario, and vice-versa.
Snack said:
A great idea, and there isn't any doubt Nintendo could pull this off Booster, they were the ones who made the Zelda Oracle games after all. I say Mario's game should be a Wii game, and Luigi's a DS game.
Both for the same platform, I'd say.
I agree.


MARIO: Bowser kidnaps Mario... Again. mario breaks out of his prison. The Koopatrols attack him.
TUTORIAL: VS 5 Koopatrols.

LUIGI: Daisy is kidnapped by Tatanga... Again. Luigi goes to save her but confronts a goombatrol (A Goomba in armour :/) and has to fight. It turns out that he has 4 buddys with him.
TUTORIAL: VS 5 Goombatrols.

See, They'd have no relation.
I was thinking: How about the same plot told from both perspectives? Like Crash Bandicoot Pruple and Spyro Orange? Think about it, think about it.
A TTYD-remake (duh) and the sidequest of Luigi.