What characters?


I propose for the location going here.
OK, according to the MKW article and discussion, the number of players has something to do with the number 18. Either there are 18 characters, 16 of which are confirmed, or there are 18 unlockables, which is confirmed in a link on the talk page, but it could just be a typo. What d'ya guys think, who are the remaining 2/14 (depending) characters? I think Bowser Jr. and Birdo are very likely to be part of the 2 additional characters, and Petey, Toadette, Parakoopa, Hammer Bro. and Dry Bones (and many more) could be some of the 14 unconfirmed drivers.
Duh, it's just gonna be all the characters from the previous games.

Nintendo's not gonna add Link or anything. They've used up all the characters.

Except maybe Snailicorn.
Bowser Jr., Birdo, Toadette, Dry Bones, Paratroopa, Rosalina, Hammer Bro., Toadsworth, Petey, Dixie, Pianta, Noki, and two others are likely.