Original Characters for a Future SSB


Microgamer Extordinair
There are some well-known Nintendo series that don't have any characters, though there neeeds to be a character to represent them in SSB. What are your ideas? I would like a robot or something made out of Tetris blocks. His name would be Tetron.
NS: Block Throw
SS: Block Boomerang (L Block)
US: Block Drop
DS: Block Roll
FS: Tetromino Barrage


Star Spirit
If they're not an actual character with any real history that was just made for SSB, I'd rather they not be on the playable roster at all.

You could argue in a way that Mr. Game and Watch is an original character but at the same time he did have some history with Nintendo in the first place. Being that the character was something like him for most games on the Game & Watch system.


The whole point of SSB is that characters from other games fight each other, so that really goes against it. However, I would absolutely love a Tetris stage.