Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask


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The next installment in Layton's prequel trilogy. According to the latest Nintendo Direct, it will show clips from Layton's high school days (hilarious) and have a new downloadable puzzle every day for a year after it is released (hell yeah.)

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I'm definitely getting this when it comes out. I've been a fan of PL for years, so I'm definitely looking forward to see how this one plays out.


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Seriously I want this game so badly.


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Anton Herzen, Jean Descole, and The Gentlemen of Miracles will all be bosses. Also one mask will allow Layton to become Loosha


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I have already beaten this game, and I must say it's a fantastic experience! I liked how this game is structured so you switch between teenage Layton and adult Layton. There's one point in the game where you go into top-down mode, which was unexpected (even though there's a section on this on the manual). It's too bad that this point of the game will be lost forever if you beaten it.

It also surprised me to see that the Descole reveal was near the end of the game, since typically the culprits in each game occur before the final puzzle.

Anyway, the post-credits ending of the game makes me excited for Azran Legacy, because of its set up. Now if I can only get one for a reasonable price...

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