Video Game Movies


Microgamer Extordinair
If you could make a movie based off of a video game, what would it be? what would it be about? You CAN'T do a movie that is already done. (i.e. Mortal Kombat, Pokémon, TMNT, etc.)
A CGI Mario movie. That would be cool.

No, I do not count that god-forsaken Super Mario Bros. movie.
That's easy. Ōkami, and I'd base the visuals on traditional Japanese art just as the game's visuals are.
Absolutely none, because video games simply cannot translate well to cinema.
Luigi's Mansion

I would make it kind of a comedy.
That movie was terrible. I remember watching and I thought the actors were terrible and had no resemblence to the characters. They could have at least had someone who looks like Master Roshi!
You cannot translate a medium built entirely on interactivity into a non-interactive medium and expect it to not come out awkward. I would much rather control my favourite video game characters rather than just watch them do all the action. This is why I hate so-called "movie games" like Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain and a vast number of Japanese RPGs.
The Prince of Persia movie wasn't too bad, although I've never played the game.

I WOULD want to make a Zelda movie, but I realised it'd have to be either about Twilight Princess or being CGI. Skyward Sword, in particular, has so much special effects it'd be nearly impossible to make a real movie with it.
A CGI movie about video game characters in general.

Oh wait, WIR.

Okay maybe some sort of CGI Mario movie that takes elements from all of the spin offs as well as the Main Series. Maybe Bowser cheats in a MKGP race which turns into ruling the Mushroom Kingdom, so that means that Bowser finally succeeds in taking over the kingdom.
I'm pretty sure that an epic saga going through vast proportions of time is going to end up longer than The Lord of the Rings DVD set