What's your computer's resolution?

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don't know if this has been done before, don't care. On me laptop right now, and it's 1366x768.
My computer's resolution is to be a better per-

no I'm not making that joke. I really don't know. Where would you find that?


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For Mac users:
 → About This Mac → More info... → Displays

Anyway, my iMac has a total resolution of 3.840 x 1.080 (1.920 x 1.080 per screen), and my MacBook Pro has 1.280 x 800.


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1280x1024. It's kind of a dumb resolution.


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1440 x 900

People tell me that my laptop is enormous, but I like it.


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1600x900 on my laptop

I find it funny that my laptop technically has a better resolution than my 32-inch widescreen TV; its resolution is 1366x768.


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iPad is 768 x 1024. And I'm pretty sure my laptop's resolution is the same as Dippy's laptop.