Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?(Bowser Special attacks out)


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Felt like doing this for whatever reason.
They both have a separate list.
And the Special Attacks are divided between Bowser and the Bros. You judge my reasoning. Judged by how well they do for a player that can use them well

Best Tier:
The ones here are your general choice for bosses once you have them, and are the Best.

-Ah yes, the best Bros. Item. You may go against me, but it's pretty good. If you know and can use it, it can deal a load more damage than even the one below, and the one below is pretty good. You simply have to do jump action commands, and by the moment you can have this ne you probably already can anyways. OK, you also need to know which is the character jumping so you don't hit a wrong button, but if you are skilled enough, it's your best Bros. Items of choice in a boss battle. Oh, and common enemies may get dizzy.

2.)Mix Flower:
If it weren't for the fact a skilled Trampoline user can do more damage this one would be higher. If Copy Flower didn't require superhuman reflexes or pretty good luck, this would be lower. Tapping the correct button will make the fireball stronger, but it caps at a certain point. It does good damage, but as I said, a skilled Trampoline user can do better with it than this ne.

3.)Copy Flower:
It starts off pretty easily, and you only need to do jump action commands, then it gets faster, to the point in which you need luck or superhuman reflexes to do this correct. It can be considered equal to the trampoline, but the trampoline gives you a higher margin of error, reaction time, and needs less reflexes. Any skilled one can use this to deal a good amount of damage 'till you fail at knowing who is who. It's alright for taking Princess Shroob's barrier instead of the Trampoline, but you're better off using either of the above.

Middle Tier:
This items are good, just not as good as the Best Tier:

(no image available):
4.)Pocket Chomp:
Like the Copy Flower, it starts of simple. Just a jump action command and with the babies , the hammer action command when at the enemy. Then, it gets faster. However, while you can jump at good enough reflexes, the hammer can be hard to use. In an attempt to hit harder, you may just get the Chomp angrier. Even if you get the female Chomp, it's not easy. It is pretty much infinite, but the Copy Flower works better and easier.

(no image available):
5.)Smash Egg:
It takes a while to get used to how it works, but it has some benefits. Possible dizziness(I may be wrong though, if so, do tell me), and an item for an item if you complete it. You can make it as strong as possible by making the babies jump to them a few times and have Mario attack(unless you've made Luigi have more attack). Due to that, it caps at a point, while Pocket Chomp doesn't. It's still a usable one if you have few or none of the above.

6.)Red Shell:
Ah, the Red Shell. It doesn't have a cap, but there's a problem, it can get too fast pretty fast. A clumsy mistake will make you lose. Obviously, this is better than the Green Shell, because it deals more damage and has no cap. While it is a simple cycle of buttons, it can get hard to use pretty fast, and a simple clumsy mistake makes it stop. And it only hits ground enemies/targets, so, yeah, good luck. Maybe this should be higher, but for now it's here.

Beginner's Tier:
The ones here are good at the start, but later, you might as well sell your supply of this Bros. Items or use them as last resort, so, here they are:

It's a pretty good start item, and the best in this tier. It deals good damage, and it has a cap, but that's natural for the ones here. However, after the second world, you might wanna replace this with something else, like the Trampoline, the Red Shell, etc. It's simple to action command this, so it's a pretty good one.

(no image for now):
8.)Ice Flower:
A person good at tapping can deal liveable damage with this, and for me, lowering stats works better than burning IMO. However, after a while it's easily replaced, and unless you wanna test your luck against common enemies, you're better off with anything above.

(no image for now)
9.)Bros. Flower:
Its' equal to the Ice Flower, except that it burns instead of lower stats, which is alright, but not as good.

(no image for now)
10.)Green shell:
Ah, this one. It's good, but once you get the Red Shell, use that instead of this. It's below Ice and Bros., because the status help in longer battles. Most reasoning about this is in the Red Shell, but take a few notes. This does less per hit, and caps at 16, so Red Shell is better.

All of this Bros. Items are good on their own, but some are better than others. Now mind you, but I should stop typing. BIS will come sometime later, when I test them all. Yes, I haven't used them all, but I'll sometime near now.

Ok. I decided to do Bowser first.
1.)Broggy Bonker:
It's the most powerful attack in Bowser's arsenal, so long as you do it Excellent. If you do it Great or lower, it does nowhere near as good amount of damage. OF course, this one's judged by how good it can go if the player's skilled, so, yeah.

2.)Magikoopa Mob:
If you have 15-19 SP, Magikoopa Mob works as an alright replacement to Broggy Bonker. It's also a Multi-attacker, so it's very good unless you're fighting a Naplock and another sort of enemy, since the Naplock pretty much is guaranteed to get hit, and you'll wake it. Not that they're strong, but you generally want them asleep until they're the only enemy.
Either ways, good attack.

3.)Koopa Corps:
While the one below can deal dizziness and more damage if you put all the Bob-ombs to one enemy, you only have a little margin of error, so Koopa Corps wins. It has no particular effect, but like any effectless attack, it still is good on its own. It actually works better as a single attacker than a Multi-attacker for me, but that's just my opinion.

4.)Bob-omb Blitz
Dizziness doesn't happen much to bosses, if ever. Of course, it can deal a lot of damage, if you focus them all on one enemy. still, pretty usable if you can find out where to aim.

5.)Shy-Guy Squad
Extremely good single attacker, works much better than the one below, even if it has no effect.

6.)Goomba Storm
Works while it's your only option, then just use it as last resort or something. Possible burn, but that's why you have flames.
Mario and Luigi will come sometime later

Mario and Luigi:
1.)Magic Window:
It's the return of the trampoline. but it resembles more the Copy Flower due to the high reflex necessity a few hits after excellent. Still, unless you're battling a spiked enemy or a weak one, use this.

2.)Falling Star:
Falling only a little bit behind, comes Falling Star. The initial star deals a lot of damage, and the other groups are pretty neat too. Of course, with reflexes, you can make more of Magic Window than Falling Star. It's only flaw is that it's not Single(serial), so if you beat an enemy with just the big star or anything little, the rest will be waster

3.)Jump Helmet:
Your alternate single attacker. It's still pretty usable even after the Magic Window/Falling Star. Granted, it has no side effect, but it is powerful.

4.)Snack Basket:
The best multi-attacker, unless your enemy is a flying enemy. It hurts every ground enemy, getting all the food is not that bad, only the timing for pressing B at the peak might be hard.

5.)Super Bouncer:
I'm not very good with this, and I'm fairly certain there is a side effect, which I can't remember(maybe dizziness). It's a multi-attacker, so it chooses at random. I guess that's one of its flaws. It takes a while to get used to it.

6.)Yoo Whoo Cannon:
Easier, not quite as powerful, and, it's a multi-attacker. Of course, if you want to focus on doing more damage on one enemy, the game might troll you and barely ever hit it. That also happens with the Super Bouncer but......

7.) Spin Pipe:
"Hey why is this particularly low". Don't completely trust this tier list or its creator to choose your attacks or that x is better than y. You can play the game the way you want it to. If you want, you can beat bosses only by stomping them or hammering them. Anyways, to the Spin Pipe. You might hut your head a little trying to find out which one to attack. It's still a very good attack. It's Single(serial), so that's good. It can deal good damage, and it's good for dealing with the mario and Luigi part of the final boss. A little trick to knowing where is mario or luigi, is to focus on one of them, move your eyes, mind, and head accordingly, and, if the one you focus on is on top, use the one below, and viceversa. Remember, Mario is A, and Luigi is B. Trust me, you may accidentally press the wrong one for not remembering.

8.)Mighty Meteor:
Kind of like the Smash Egg, but harder. It's usable for Multi-attacks, but not for single targets. Unless it's your best choice, use something else. Oh yeah, you may gain an item if you finish it. I've never obtained nothing, unlike the Smash Egg, but I haven't completed it that much.

9.)Green Shell:
Pretty basic, same as last game(except that it has no better counterpart, as everything better works differently). Very usable, it's Single(serial)(arguably the best targeting), but not very powerful.

10.)Fire Flower:
Other than some enemies, multiple/flying enemies, and people with insane tapping skills, you're probably better of saving 1 SP and using Green Shell instead.

Again. You can completely disagree with this tier list. Don't rely on it or on me. Play the game the way you want it.
Hope you have fun playing the game.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

Trampolines, Ice Flowers and Red Shells are the best in PiT.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

No argument against that. Only spiked enemies are safe. Mwahahahaha.
Ice Flowers
It's doable, but even if you can tap well, they're easily replaceable after a while
Red Shells
OK, but not sure what to say against. Others are better though.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

How the fuck are Ice Flowers that low? Dude, you NEED Ice Flowers to beat the Bowsers in Thwomp Caverns.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

maybe it's because my suckish tapping nature, but I won with Trampolines instead. I tried Ice Flowers, and only did like a low 2-digited damage. I probably was somewhat underleveled. Whatever, I'll probably redo it sometime, not right now though, it took me a while to type that.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

Just watch.
Not me, but I killed them very fast with it too.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

Yes. I've seen that before.
While Ice Flower is a good usable attack, it's in the beginners' because, well, it's about the same as the Ice Flower except for the effect. It's good against Bowser(s)(if you have an insane tapping skill), but against whate else. Stat lowering simply doesn't happen in boss battles, and other items can deal more. Again, redoing is definitely not going to be done now, very unlikely today. I still have to test the Special attacks.


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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

I redid my PM Partners list the day after it was created.

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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

What game is this? :???:

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Re: Bros. Items and Special Attacks(BiS) Tier List?

LN1 said:
Bros. Items?
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.
Ok, thanks, that's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure.


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Shy Guy Squad second lowest? It's POWERFUL, bitch. After a Broggy Bonker, two Shy Guy Squads killed Blizzard Midbus for me.


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There are more powerful single attackers. Some multi-attackers even work better as single attackers.
Koopa Corps can do more, Bob-omb Blitz also can, plus dizziness, and so can Magikoopa Mob.
Blizzard Midbus is not particularly hard anyways, it's just those damn Snawfuls that heal him.
Now excuse me, as I'm going to type Mario and Luigi's. Let me see what you argue against and we'll see.


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I dealt like over 1000 damage with the Copy Flower. I think you're exaggerated on the superhuman flexes thing, just glance at the color and the size of the character. The times I screw up with it is because I accidentally pressed the wrong button.

Also, the Copy Flower is great when you want to dish out quick damage. Whereas, the Trampoline could be slow.


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I'm not judging them by how fast they deal damage. It gets hectic, you may forget who is who, and which button is which, and Trampoline is slower but surer. I'm no speedrunner and if you want to speedrun this game, do it, but if you're just casually playing, it's general advice to be slow but sure(yes, I overused the phrase in this post, you get the idea).