Whos the Fattest Nintendo Character?


  • Wario

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  • Kirby

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  • Bottles The Mole

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  • K. Rool

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  • Meta-Knight

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Wild Cherry Pepsi ! Thats what I Want !
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who? This links from my Shroom Article, but anyone can comment here about it!
I think Kirby's round shape is more of a result of his anatomy than his eating habits. His balloon-shape helps him to float. Wario has no excuse.
K. Rool! Hello? It's obvious. At least Wario and Kirby are strong… :roll:
In case you didn't grasp this But, *Screams at the top of his lungs*
Kirby's fatness is what makes him so cute!!!!
But that's fine. And yes, I DID want to spell that stuff wrong. But why would they be screaming... Oh yeah. :shock:
Wario and King k rool :wario: