Your SSB Music Ideas

Which type of SSB track do you like best?

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Microgamer Extordinair
The Super Smash Bros. Series has had plenty of awesoomn music. It even had it's own orchestra! If HAL asked you rearrange any song, which one & how would you arrange it?
I LOVE the Mega Man 3 Snake Man Theme. My version would be instrumentated kinda like how they did Meta Knight's Revenge in Brawl. I also would like to see how they would arrange the Wii Music theme.
That is all.
'3K said:
That is all.

MikeyO11: You sure love your Metroid boss areas, don't you?

Peewee Herman: Then why don't you marry it? ;D :D :) ;)
How about a Lon Lon Ranch remix? It is one of my favorite Zelda songs, if not the best. Since it is to slow to fight to, (slower than Mii Channel) It woud be a sped up, country, Square Dance-esque remix.
A full orchestral remix of the music for the Lost World stage from Sonic Adventure 1. It probably won't happen. But a guy can dream ay?