Tier List for Kirby's Return to Dreamland Powers


Donkey Kong
I've decided to do a tier list for Kirby's powers.

I'll test each power (besides Mike, Crash, and Sleep, since one can only use them a limited number of times) in the Arena, record the time it took me, and rank like so.

I'll also listen to what anyone whose played the game has to say.

EDIT: I started.

Sword: Ko'd in Round 13.


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Spear Kirby better be high up there.

Ray Trace

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Tornado and Hammer is beast in the Arena. With the tornado ability, you get free damaging invincibility frames while Hammer does a TON of damage.


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Ninja and Fighter are easily the two I'm strongest with. Whip is good too.


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Tornado, Stone, Hammer, and Cutter have to be my favorite so far ~ although take my opinions with a grain of salt because I've only made it to Raisin Ruins.

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Hammer and Tornado are easily the best in the game. Tornado is much easier to control too.

Leaf should be pretty high up, considering it's Up + B does good damage and its Leaf Shield (A Button) can pretty much avoid any and every attack, aside from the black hole made by Magolor.


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Spark is pretty much top ranked for dealing with "The True Arena". There's also the Spear ability, but I used Waddle Dee for The Arena, and managed to finish it at a slightly faster speed than when I did the Spark ability run with Kirby. Meta Knight didn't do so well, as it took me 5 minutes longer to beat The Arena with him than with Spark Kirby. Never tried King Dedede.

Anyway, here's an image of The Arena records that I achieved before the end of 12/2011...

Note: The one for Kirby is my Spark ability run.