Your Mario Headcanon


"Headcanon" is that which, in order to fill in unsolved issues in a work, is made up by the consumer and seen by them as true. For instance, maybe you think that a coin fairy drops gold coins across the Mushroom Kingdom, or maybe it's loot from defeated enemies.

I'll start with a couple:

  • Other than the species, there are two specific individuals known as "Birdo". One is the Birdo in the spin-offs; she's a socialite romantically involved with Yoshi. The one fought as a boss in several games is an obsessed fan/stalker, and is the transsexual one.
  • The Mushroom Kingdom has an elected parliament, with the monarch wielding mostly ceremonial powers. However, the current princess (who is only formally crowned Queen after marriage) is enormously popular and could theoretically do whatever she wants.


Donkey Kong
Princess Peach Toadstool is half-human, half-Toad.

The Koopalings' mother is Peach, except for Bowser Jr., who is a direct clone of Bowser.


The paintings in SM64 take you to other parts of the mushroom Kingdom not different worlds as most think.
The islands seen in the background of Bomb-omb Battlefield are other levels in the game such as little big island an so on.
In Mario Party 1, the green toad in one of the Houses is part of an evil clan of green toads who support Bowser.
Gadd sold the Paintbrush to Bowser Jr as he is an opportunistic businessman who doesn't care how his tools are used.
In SM64 all the toads seen are the same one who mysteriously keeps finding stars...


Donkey Kong
RandomGuy said:
Sonic Headcannon.
Dr. Eggman calls himself that because he swallowed a whole egg
Actually, I remember seeing something about that.

In a parody of an internet message board where video game characters chatted:

Daisy: Sonic, why does Dr. Robotnik call himself Dr. Eggman now?
Crash Bandicoot: Because he woke up one morning and said "Gee, my name isn't stupid enough?"
Sonic: I thought you guys all knew; his mom got remarried.


Celestial Guide
RandomGuy said:
Sonic Headcannon.
Dr. Eggman calls himself that because he swallowed a whole egg
This is about Mario headcanon not sonic

Peach kisses Mario only as a thank you because of SMB2: Lost Levels, NSMB, and NSMBW, where she kisses other people (Luigi and the Toads) as well


"Grand Master X-Naut 2.0"
Mario is allergic to plain "mushrooms" so he gets Nintendo to add adjectives to each one to add some zest.
Okay, really, my headcanon is that Bowser is really the true King of the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach is actually the Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom and sent Bowser out of the castle without his teddy bear (which he is secretly drawn to) and keeps trying to take over the Kingdom for his teddy bear.
Okay, seriously, seriously, Luigi is not the true brother of Mario, but the extremely close friend.