Your favorite SSB Music


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What is your favorite song in the Super Smash Bros. series? Mine is probably either Waluigi Pinball from Brawl or King Dedede's Theme in Brawl.


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2 things.
1. I forgot about the orchestra! Thanks for reminding me!
2. There are lots of good Metroid & F-Zero songs, like Ending (Metroid), Shotgun Kiss, & Car Select.


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I like a lot of the songs that came directly form other games, but i won't count them because they're exactly the same. I really like the main theme; I think it's different that they had a Latin theme. The arrangements for brawl that I like are Dialga/Palkia at Spear Pillar, Gourmet Race, Gritzy Desert.... I'll think of more later, there are so many!

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Luigi's Mansion Theme, Main Theme, Yoshi's Island, all from Brawl.


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D: I can't decide... I guess my favorites would be:

1 ) Snowman - Earthbound
2 ) Bramble Blast - Donkey Kong
3 ) Calling to the Night - Metal Gear Solid
4 ) Ocarina of Time Medley - The Legend of Zelda
5 ) With Mila's Divine Protection - Fire Emblem
6 ) Go K.K. Rider! - Animal Crossing
7 ) Vs. Ridley - Metroid
8 ) Vs. Duon/Galleom - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
9 ) Corneria - Star Fox
10 ) All-Star Mode - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Ashley's Song - WarioWare
Space Armada - Star Fox

In that specific order.


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I'll say any song from Mother. Though I also LOVE Dragon Roost Island and Butter Building. ^__^


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Probably Dr. Mario (Melee) or Pokemon Main Theme (Brawl).

On that note...