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Crrrrazy! It works. The thing is, I don't feel that little contradictions here and there really constistute anything... retconning at most, but certainly, a little inconsistency isn't enough to take an entire series out of a continuity. I mean, Luigi's Mansion killed off Bowser inexplicibly and it's still there! :D

What the Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa? did was establish Bowser's hold on the Mushroom Kingdom. Something that thte Super Show established was that Bowser was still in control of MK after the events of Super Mario Bros. -- remember Mario's opening statements in "The Bird! The Bird!"

Mama Luigi was a character's retelling of events, so it's going to be slightly different, abridged etc. As to how to work Baby Yoshi into the storyline, remember that Yoshi was actually born at some indeterminate time after Yoshi Island DS (there are two Yoshies now... ugh). So, really, that could be the link -- the old Yoshi was in Super Mario World game and the young one in the cartoon. Of course, that works in speculation... which is not good.

Hmm... wait: something from the games: at the end of SMW, the ADULT kidnapped Yoshis hatch from their egg prisons as Baby Yoshies. The same process was used on Yoshi. Does Super Mario World show that the process used by Bowser causes regression? Hmmm... all theories. We'll just have to note that in the articles and move on.
I imagine going back into the egg would have to cause age regression, unless he simply shrunk them and sealed them inside eggs.

The dilemma in Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa? is that Bowser doesn't have any children at this point, and his mother complains that he never had a wife. I can't imagine that a lot of time passed between the events of the episode and TAoSMB3, where he suddenly has children. Sure, the real reason for this is that the writers of that episode had no knowledge of the Koopalings at that point, but it's a logic break. Perhaps the Koopalings are illegitimate children? :bowser:

And about the Koopalings themselves. The cartoon gave them different ages. Except for Hip and Hop, who are six-year old twins, the other Koopalings are teenagers, with Bully being the oldest. This totally contradicts the SMB3 strategy guide, which claims that Ludwig is the oldest, and Larry the youngest.
The thing with the Koopalings is that they were created before Nintendo gave them official names, right? I would call that a retcon rather than a contradiction, just because we're talking about a player's guide here and I don't think actual game material made it official until the release of Super Mario World.

In any case, it's something that should be noted. I can really tell you've thought about this!
Luigi says in that episode: "We're lost in this cockamanie (sp?) castle again!"

Key word: again. More support for their being events not shown in the Super Show -- Super Mario Bros. World x-4 anyone?

UPDATE: The exact line from Momma is that Bowser, "is still a bachelor!" By definition, a bachelor can have been married if the marriage was annulled... or perhaps Momma didn't know???

But like I've said, the issue at hand isn't how to make it fit, but what can be put on the Wiki?
About Luigi's "lost in the castle again" line, it had to do with him and Mario getting lost at first when they dug out of their cell and encountered the Hammer Bros.

A bachelor is a man who has never been married (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachelor). A divorcee is a single man who was married at some point.

I'm going with the illegitimate children theory on this. He's Bowser, remember? I doubt he cares about having bastard children. Lets not start with the whereabouts of his female partner though.

I'm just wondering how we can explain the alternate ages of the Koopalings in the cartoons though.
Actually, I was using that Wikipedia article as well! Weird how two people can view the same info differently. Can you give me specific episodes, writing, etc. that points out their ages? I'm not too familiar with the AofSMB3.
Bully: The Writer's Bible from the DVD set states that he's the oldest.

Kootie Pie: Turned sweet 16 in "Reptiles in the Rose Garden"
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dlxeI5jn2g&feature=related go to 1:01 in this video.

Hip and Hop: In Mind Your Mummy Mommy Mario, Princess Toadstool calls them "bratty Koopa twins". Bowser then goes on to say they're his youngest Koopalings. This is also stated in the Writer's Bible, which mentions that they're six-year olds, while the rest of their siblings are teenagers.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVdtFE0i22g see 3:50 and 4:58
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