E3 2012: Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario 3D

Are you going to purchase Luigi's Mansion 2 and/or Paper Mario 3D?

  • Luigi's Mansion 2

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • Paper Mario 3D

    Votes: 3 12.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 19 76.0%
  • Neither

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I'm looking forward to New Super Mario Bros. 2 instead

    Votes: 1 4.0%

  • Total voters

Red Barchetta

Talk less, smile more.
Well, I for one like Paper Mario: Sticker Star's name...

Either way, I'm definitely going to buy both of these and probably NSMB2 as well.


Koopa Troopa
I'm still waiting on a game that goes back to Sarasa land, but I guess this news is sort of okay too


Koopa Troopa
Boidoh said:
Professor Mario said:
YoshiGo99 said:
I want to see Paper Mario 3D the most! If only it was possible to film good quality gameplay on the 3DS Chuggaconroy can do the LP on the 4th paper Mario. Same with LM2 since he did the first. I want to see NSMB2 seems cool and I want new worlds and power ups
You basically summed up my opinion on this whole thing, every single word.
Same here. But i beat a certain person will bash this thread with hate for chugga.
I would do but Chuggaconroy fans jump on you like a pack of rabbid attack dogs the second you say something about him which isn't 100% positive, so it's just not worth it.

I definitely want them both , but I'm looking forward to Luigi's Mansion 2 more since I've been been waiting for a 'Luigi's Mansion 2' for almost 10 years (the morn of June 18th 2002 I first played Luigi's Mansion 1, which both amazingly and depressingly was almost a whole decade ago). Luigi's Mansion was (well is) a great game, double it's length and had a bit more depth to it's gameplay and it'd be excellent, the sequel looks to be doing exactly that, which means we should have a very good game on our hands.