How do you decorate your house in Animal Crossing?

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Title should be self-explanatory.

Personally I usually try to find furniture from the Blue, Green, Modern, Kiddie, Robo and Jingle series with a few pieces of furniture from the Mossy Garden series and I actually managed to get enough bells to afford the entire Sweets series in City Folk.

I also have the entire Mario series in the Gamecube version complete with Mario and Luigi trophies.

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The Modern, Cabin, and Robo themes were probably my favorite, so some rooms I'd pretty much just theme it with that.

Other times, I'd make a train, or a cafe.

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Ray Trace
I have played Wild World quite a while ago, so I don't remember much details, but I decided to put a computer and a robust cicada because I like the noise they make :P

I think I make my house look quite futuristic looking.

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I usually include one of the following on each floor/in each room:

1. bed
2. Dresser/Wardrobe (whichever one is standing straight up vertically since those take up less space and hold the same amount of items as the horizontal ones)
3. A table (usually for holding my Wild World pictures)
4. Couch/Chair
5. A fish
6. A radio


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I haven't actually played Animal Crossing in a while(here's hoping we see plenty of it at E3, by the way), but I never tried to finish sets or anything. I just put together what looked nice to me and disregarded the HRA. I guess I did try to make efficient use of space, though. Whereas my neighbors always had lines of furniture along the walls and big open spaces in the middle, I've always tried to fit as much into my house as I can without blocking anything off- except for the basement, of course. It's not just that I don't like open spaces but also because I constantly see new furniture that I really want to go somewhere but aren't willing to part with anything else.

EDIT: Might be noteworthy, only remembered it after posting in the other thread, gotta have the frog room. Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of frog furniture in the original, only the table and chairs and that dumb totem pole. So my frog room is mostly filled with frogs I caught a summer or two ago.