The Legend of Zelda considered to be used as a LEGO concept

Super Mario the Hedgehog

...I've been looking forward to it.
At the end of last year Michael Inglis submitted a concept for Legend of Zelda Lego to Lego Cuusoo. The idea behind Lego Cuusoo is pretty simple: Have an idea for a Lego product, submit that product idea to the Lego Cuusoo website and if the product idea gets more than 10,000 supporters it is then considered by an expert 'Lego Jury' for turning into an official Lego product. And support for Michael Inglis' idea for Legend of Zelda Lego recently tipped over the crucial 10,000 supporters point. So the Lego Jury is now in the process of reviewing the idea.
Obviously we're all rooting for an outcome that involves Legend of Zelda being turned into Lego (and I'm personally doing some extra special rooting in the hope that Tingle will make the transformation from game character to choking hazard). What fully grown man wouldn't be deliriously excited by the prospect of being able to furnish his workstation with diminutive plastic caricatures of Link and Zelda and Ganondorf et al?But before you start making space for a plastic Hyrulian diorama on your desk, heed this comment from Lego:
"The review is a thorough process and from its start, it will take several weeks. When finished, we make a "go/no go" decision to develop and sell a LEGO product based on the Legend of Zelda. Naturally before we can announce the results of the review, we will need to secure a license to produce this product--and we can't give an estimate on how long that will take."
Ah. Yes. That could take some time.
Our fingers will remain figuratively crossed while we wait.

Okay, now we've got Paper Mario, Yarn Kirby, and possibly LEGO Zelda. What other entertainment-based construction appliances can be used for other Nintendo series? Wooden Star Fox? Paint Pikmin?
Stuffed Fire Emblem
Bedazzled EarthBound
Fuzzy SimCity
Colored Pencil Sin and Punishment
Metal F-Zero
Personally, I'd keep a giant Bunny Hood or Ridley Lego model on prominent display for a good long time.
That same project is considering Lego Minecraft, Phineas and Ferb, My Little Pony, and other great ideas.
Dr. Javelin said:
Picture this: LEGO Lord of the Rings.

...nah, it probably wouldn't do it justice.

It'd probably make a decent installment in the Lego Platformer games. Seeing how Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean got some.