Wario Land 5

Say there was a fifth Wario Land game for the DS (No, Master of Disguise isn't a Wario Land game.). Who do you think would be in it? :wario: of course, but :waluigi: too? What would the story be like? Would WarioWare characters make cameos, or be part of the story? TELL ME NOW!!!!!!
King Boo said:
That'd be cool, but not as cool as Wario & Waluigi: Superfart Saga.

Fart jokes are not funny ;)
Master of disguise sucked! Wario is such a cool character can't they put him in better games! I like the WarioWare saga but comeone a kick@55 adventure would be great. I'd say Wario Land III was the last GREAT Wario Adventure game. :wario:
I doubt they will have a fifth one. WarioWare has taken over commands.
How can you say that mister Lucario? Treasure hunting is Wario's roots!!!!!!!! Besides, a 5th Warioland games already been announced. SHAKE IT