Charity Gaming Marathon! (Live Stream)


I eat mushrooms
Hey guys, Charity Video Game Marathon is being streamed at the moment and 11 hours in! Us guys have been playing Pokemon Blue for about 11 and a half hours now and should be finished soon! Mario 64 will be up next soon! Then afterwards Majora's Mask and then finally Golden Eye. Should be good fun and a friendly atmosphere, check it out by clicking this link! You can just stop by to watch it for a little while because it will be ongoing for maybe another day or 2, every little donation well help!
1. we don't care
2. why did you post this twice
There's nothing inherently wrong with your promotion.

It's just that a) it looks too much like what an adbot would say, b) you posted it three times.
As there's absolutely no point in having the exact same thread in three different sections, I've choosen to keep this one open because it is by far the most entertaining.

also, moving to fan-creation.
Gone for one night and what happens?
Okay, let's all remains calm and tell him to stop being so obnoxious because YES AS A MATTER OF FACT I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT.